Walkthrough for "Hold On!" CL

You start with 12 Gruntz. You have to complete every sub-puzzle by pressing 3 PurpleSwitchez. This will lower PurplePyramids in the middle of map and make pass for WarpstoneGrunt. In every sub-puzzle are: 1 Secret Switch & 1 Secret Teleporter with one BlackOneTimeSwitch. These switchez will lower BlackPyramids next to King's Fortress and make pass to W letter. So let's go! I'm going to complete every sub-puzzle with following order:

1. Top - left ( with one GaunltetzGrunt and two SpongegunGruntz )

Place your three Grunt just like in picture below:

SpongegunGrunt presses YellowSwitch and everybody wait, unless RollingBall will toggle GreenPyramids. Second SpongegunGrunt shoots onto the arrow, knocking out GauntletzGrunt. He destroys three rockz: first one to make pass forward and last two, with two switchez beneath. When all three rockz are destroyed, GauntletzGrunt presses BlueHoldSwitch, then SpongegunGrunt presses GreenHoldSwitch to make pass to the BlackOneTimeSwitch.

Once RollingBall will toggle Pyramids, place all your three Gruntz in places like in picture above. Knock out GauntletzGrunt into right places, and finally he'll press BlueToggleSwitch. With little help of SpongegunGrunt, knock out GauntletzGrunt and get him out of arrow maze. First of all, destroy rock to the south, next to the swamp and pick up the coin. Then break three rockz to the east and go to area with holez. Destroy rock and pick up Shovel. Start digging up holez from west side! First - dig up hole to the south - west. There's next coin. Then, follow the order in picture below: first dig up all "red-signed" holez with coin there ( to get the coin, fill the hole in, and dig up once again ), then dig up "yellow-signed" ones. Why? Arrowz in the middle may block you, so order is really important!

When all holez are digged up and all coin picked up - press YellowSwitch. All three Gruntz have to pass area with Two-WayArrowz, step onto two Purple Switchez and toggle first part of BlackPyramids! Then, press SecretSwitch and get back between two single BlackPyramids, to the south. When RollingBall will toggle these pyramidz, activate CheckPoint. Now the hardest part of this sub-puzzle.

Break rocks and pass GreenPyramids before BombGrunt is killed - this is main task. First of all: don't use arrowz to the north! If you'll step on them - you'll die. Break first rock. Wait, unless first part of arrowz will be uncovered. Knock out GauntletzGrunt by your SpongegunGrunt through these arrowz. Then, through second part uncovered arrowz etc. When your SpongegunGrunt'z range is too small to knock GauntletzGrunt, knock out SpongegunGrunt by your second SpongegunGrunt through arrowz to get closer to GauntletzGrunt ... Finally you'll pass it!

Save your game and step onto spikez to trigger SecretTeleporter. This teleporter will appear for really short time, so look where it will be, load game slot again, stand right there and activate Trigger. Collect all coinz and get back.

Now: step onto BlueToggleSwitch with your second SpongeGrunt and go through bridge to the north. You have to knock out your first SpongegunGrunt in the arrowz maze and he should join to GauntletzGrunt. Now, when both Gruntz are near PurpleSwitchez, third one goes into Blue Wormhole and press three PurpleSwitchez. You've just done first sub-puzzle!

2. Bottom - left ( with one GauntletzGrunt, one ShovelGrunt and one ShieldGrunt )

One of your Gruntz goes to the SilverSwitch and passes the maze. Then - toggles BlackPyramids. Place ShovelGrunt and GauntletzGrunt near rockz to the north - GauntletzGrunt destroys first one and runs away. ShovelGrunt must press BlackOneTimeSwitch, when it'll be uncovered. You can't wait, because once BlackPyramid will be uncovered - you won't be able to pass to the next section. Sadly, ShovelGrunt will ... die. Go to the north, to the area with Dark Green enemies. GauntletzGrunt destroys rockz and picks up Conversion powerup. He must convert all the enemies into friendly ones. Then, collect coins beneath rockz and holez. Go to the checkpoint. ShoeldGrunt goes south way onto GreenHoldSwitch. Ignore holez next to it - are fake. When ShieldGrunt steps onto this switch, Shovel & GauntletzGruntz goes through lowered GreenPyramids, as fast as possible. Then - ShieldGrunt steps back. Now both Gruntz have to pass RollingBallz maze:

With all of your three Gruntzgo to the east. ShieldGrunt goes onto PurpleSwitch, Shovel & GauntletzGruntz go ahead. Now there's interesting puzzle - beneath rockz are GreenHoldSwitchez and GreenPyramids. You have to stand on right switch, destroy rock with associated GreenPyramid and step off the switch ( of course, when that's necessary! ) etc. That's short puzzle, so I won't explain every move ... After that puzzle, it's time for ... SecretSwitch! Switch to ShieldGrunt. Beneth tree next to him is pair Gauntletz! Break rock in the middle and press SecretSwitch. Now watch carefully: on the trail of middle RollingBall 2 rockz will appear - you have to destroy them and pick up coins beneath! GauntletzGrunt steps onto GreenHoldSwitch, ShovelGrunt fills holez to the north, then to the south ( next to the pink SwordGrunt ). Now ShovelGrunt steps onto the same switch and GauntletzGrunt smashes GiantRock. He picks up DeathTouch powerup and kills pink SwordGrunt to the south. ShovelGrunt fills in second hole near pink Goo puddle and ... step on it. You'll activate SecretTeleporterTrigger! Collect coins, toggle second set of BlackPyramids and get back. Pick up two SuperSpeed powerups ( just for Perfer Score ... I had to place these items there, because of secrets - player may not use SecretSwitch, and then - couldn't complete map ). Now step on three PurpleSwitchez.

3. Bottom - right ( with one SpringzGrunt, one SpyGearGrunt and one ToobGrunt )

ToobGrunt swims to the south and presses BlueToggleSwitch. Now he need to get back - so he has to be knocked out through the arrow: force Green SpongegunGrunt to chase you. Step one tile to the west from arrow and wait, unless enemy will attack you. When sponge ball is really close to you - step onto the arrow. You'll be knocked out! Now press BlackOneTimeSwitch and make pass for your teammates. Pick up second Toob and get back to the BlueToggleSwitch area. Kill SpongegunGrunt ( smash him ) and pick up Yoyo. Force BrickLayerGrunt to chase you and give him Yoyo when he's close to silver BrickPad. When brick is built, kill him ( for example with little help of arrowz ... ). Now switch to Springz & SpyGearGruntz. Pass the bridge. Save your game. SpyGearGrunt has to pass a trail of the RollingBall. He's faster than usuall, so he IS possible to do that. Just choose right moment. One Grunt steps onto GreenHoldSwitch, second one go to the south. Pick up Jumprope ( is behind tree ). Force enemy GauntletzGrunt to chase you into upper corner ( watch out for Timebombz: are beneath rockz! Only middle one is with coin beneath ), then - give him the toy. Pick up Megaphone and get back. Now switch to SpringzGrunt. Position him just like in picture below:

When GauntletzGrunt will sense your SpringzGrunt, he'll destroy rockz behind treez! Step back, because Timebomb beneath them will explode ( GauntletzGrunt will be dead ). Switch to ToobGrunt and go to the BlueToggleSwitch. Behind those treez is placed SecretSwitch - now SpringzGrunt presses it and ... ToobGrunt will swim to the north - west to the coin near the King's Fortress. DON'T GET BACK! Swim to the north, to the borders of map, then go to the east. Collect few coins and jump into wormhole. Press BlackOneTimeSwitch, collect coin and go upstairs. You can't waste your time, because you'll be late! SpyGearGrunt takes BrickLayingToolz and fills the last BrickPad. Now both Gruntz ( BrickLayer & ToobGruntz ) go onto the PurpleSwichez. Experiment with OrangeSwitchez to get all three Gruntz "free". Now activate SecretTeleporterTrigger and collect all coins.

Finally press three PurpleSwitchez.

4. Top - right ( with one BoxingGlovezGrunt and one GravityBootzGrunt )

Press YellowToggleSwitch and wait unless RollingBall will press SilverSwitch. First of all, place one of your Gruntz on the tile to the east - behind tree is placed coin. Leave him there until whole time sequence is finishing. Second Grunt has to pass this maze ( save your game, look where you have to step and load game. Repeat that to the end of time sequence ). BoxingGlovezGrunt jumps into first wormhole, but GravityBootsGrunt stays there! Second wormhole teleports to area with enemy WelderKit & RockGruntz and you won't be able to escape, so your BoxingGlovezGrunt has to lower these GreenPyramids. Watch out! There will be only enemy WelderKitGrunt attacking you, so you have to move him once a 15 seconds.

Switch to BoxingGlovezGrunt ( remember to protect your second Grunt! ). You have to force enemy BomGruntz to destroy following rockz in following order:

Knock enemy SwordGruntz into holez and press GreenToggleSwitch. Now switch to GravityBootsGrunt. Jump into second wormhole, pick up SqueakToy and leave deadly area with long range toolz. Place SqueakToy behind enemy BombGrunt, force him to attack you and step back. Remember - he's a Post Guard - you have to attack him first, but do not kill him. To do this, attack him and during attack, step back. Enemy is going to make kamikaze run and he's still alive!

Pick up Conversion powerup and convert two enemies: Bomb & GravityBootzGruntz. Now you have THREE Gruntz!

WARNING! When your HareKrishnaGrunt ( with "Join us" sign ) will explode during enemy BombGrunt converting, attack GravityBootzGrunt first. This is little bit annoying game bug ...

Place all your three Gruntz on PurpleSwitchez. Raising pyramids will kill enemy WelderKit & RockGruntz, so you don't have to worry about them.

5. Finale

Switch to WarpstoneGrunt and pass all sets of PurplePyramids. But ... you cannot get W letter! So now switch to your previous three Gruntz - it's time for last BlackOneTimeSwitch!

Switch to your BombGrunt and destroy two rockz in the center of this sub-puzzle. Beneath one is placed Secret Switch! Press it. There should appear a new way to the pink GunHatGrunt. BoxingGlovezGrunt has to knock him onto BlackOneTimeSwitch. Enemy will activate SecretTeleporterTrigger! GravityBootsGrunt jumps into red wormhole and BoxingGlovezGrunt RUNS AWAY! He'll collect all coin in the area with ( killed so far ) enemy WelderKit & RockGruntz. Now switch to GravityBootsGrunt - collect all coins and enter next wormhole. Collect another coins and ... press BlackOneTimeSwitch!

WarpstoneGrunt collects: W letter and coins. Finally - enters into a King's Fortress!