Walkthrough for "Crave" CL

You start with three Bare-handed Gruntz. Satisfy the three CheckPoint Switchez (Grunt #1 west, Grunt #2 east and Grunt #3 south) and switch to Grunt #3 at the bottom.
Pick up a Shovel (Tool #1) and finish the enemy Grunt off. Then, release Grunt #1 by filling one hole in, and dig up four mounds - including the one, that contains Secret Switch , don't press it though; you'll do it later.

Your Grunt #1 picks up the GooberStraw (Tool #2), and sucks up the Goo Puddle (#1 of 4).
Then put your Shovel Grunt #3 on the Green Hold Switch and let your GooberStraw Grunt #1 suck up second Goo Puddle (#2 of 4).
After that, GooberStraw Grunt #1 returns and replaces Shovel Grunt #3 on the Green Hold Switch .
Shovel Grunt #3 picks up the Megaphone (if GooberStraw Grunt #1 hasn't done it already ) and picks up a Coin (Coin #1) beneath the mound there.
Switch to Grunt #2. Give him the PogoStick (Toy #1) from Resourcez and get rid off this enemy Grunt .
Pick up a Yo-yo (Toy #2) and lure the enemy Grunt onto a Green Hold Switch .
Proceed to the Green Toggle Switch (and safety).
Switch to GooberStraw Grunt #1 and press the Secret Switch (Secret #1), then (when it is safe) return to the Green Hold Switch .
Switch back to Grunt #2 and wait for a passage which will appear soon.
Then go through several teleporters and (eventually) pick up three Coinz (Coinz #2, #3 and #4) and the Warp letter . Wait for another passage and jump into a one-time teleporter .
Switch to Shovel Grunt #3 and fill in three holes blocking the suicidal enemy Grunt.
Get him to follow you back to your CheckPoint Switch and when he lightz his fuse ... dodge(!) and he will break three cupcakes for you (one containing a TimeBomb , which breakz two more cupcakez (one containing a TimeBomb ) and a Giant Cupcake).
Pick up the Reactive Armor (Powerup #1), cross the Birthday Candlez and kill the enemy Grunt.
Shovel Grunt #3 returns and replaces GooberStraw Grunt #1 on the Green Hold Switch .
GooberStraw Grunt #1 suckz up the third Goo Puddle (#3 of 4) and activatez the Blue Toggle Switch revealed.
Rejoin Shovel Grunt #3, who will make a righteous suicide - on the Spikez he dug up, and GooberStraw Grunt #1 suckz his remainz (#4 of 4) up.
Then (quite obvious though) bake a new Grunt #3 and place him on the GruntCreationPoint (there's only one on this map, so it's easy to find). Switch to him. Pick up the Coin (Coin #5) and the Gauntletz (Tool #3).
Go through the teleporter and start breaking thingz, such as the green frosted cupcake to the east (the first pink frosted cupcake yieldz a Coin (Coin #6) and at least one each of the other five cupcakez ) and join GooberStraw Grunt #1.
Then, with both Gruntz - GooberStraw Grunt #1 and Gauntletz Grunt #3, proceed to the bottom part of a puzzle.

Gauntletz Grunt #3 breakz at least two of the six cupcakez south of the stairway, revealing an Orange Up/Down Switch , which he pressez. You may as well break all of the cupcakez you can reach - there's another Coin (Coin #7) beneath one of them, and BoxingGlovez (Tool #4) beneath another.
GooberStraw Grunt #1 putz them on, becoming Boxing Glovez #1.
Your objective is to make Bridgez for Gauntletz Grunt #3. Here's how this sequence should look like:

It's rather simple - you have to knock the enemy Grunt onto Blue Hold Switchez in proper order, and move Gauntletz Grunt #3 when the next bridge tilez appear.
After you're done, pick up the Megaphone , break the cupcake and repeat the whole sequence.
Jump into the teleporter and join your Bare-handed Grunt #2, left far behind (just cross the bridge to the west and go through the teleporter ).
Break cupcakez there and collect three Coinz (Coinz #8, #9 and #10). Finally, break the Giant Cupcake

and trigger a Secret Teleporter when you pick up a Coin (Coin #11).

Collect five Coinz (Coinz #12, #13, #14, #15 and #16) and get back.
Eventually, take Gauntletz Grunt #3 and Bare-handed Grunt #2 through the teleporter , give the Bomb (Tool #5) from Resources to Bare-handed Grunt #2 and satisfy the CheckPoint Switchez .

Gauntletz Grunt #3 smashez a cupcake blocking an enemy Grunt and lurez him straight to a mound next to the Silver Pyramidz and letz him dig it up (moving away from his distraction).
After he's done, he'll get blown into pieces by a Timebomb revealed atop a Silver Timer Switch .
Switch to Bomb Grunt #2 and ignite your bomb , so your kamikaze run will lead right through the Silver Timer Switch toward the enemy Grunt . Your Grunt will run through whole set of Silver Pyramidz and will be stopped to play with a Toy .
Unfortunately, you're not able to press the Silver Timer Switch he was standing on - he's blocking it.
So grab the Shovel (Tool #6) and kill him. Then you'll be able to press the Silver Timer Switch .
Switch to Gauntletz Grunt #3 and pick up a Coin (Coin #17) just above the Silver Pyramidz and join Shovel Grunt #2.
Break all of the cupcakez , collect one Coin (Coin #18) and press second Orange Up/Down Switch .
Shovel Grunt #2 fillz in at least one of those holez at the bottom and picks up the Warpstone .
Gauntletz Grunt #3 followz him through the teleporter and breakz a cupcake with another Coin (Coin #19) beneath. After all, bring the Warpstone piece straight to The King.