Pick up the gauntletz and retrieve the 2 Coinz .
Go south of the enemy Grunt to the CheckPointSwitch .
Pick up the pogo stick and the Coin .
Cross the green blinking bridge to the next CheckPointSwitch .
Break the large Rock Crystal

which reveals

and there is a Coin in the small Rock Crystal .
and enter the area with the 2 enemy Gruntz .
Pick up the shovel , fill in many Holez , step on the revealed Black One-Time Switch (get the Coin ) and get the 2 Coinz (perhapz) disposing of the enemy Gruntz.
Go past the now lowered Black Pyramid , step on the CheckPointSwitch to the east and cross the Bridge controlled by a Rolling Rock to step on the Green Toggle Switch .
Move back east of the checkpoint to the space above and to the left of the lowered Green Pyramid .
This will open a Red Wormhole .
Enter the RW , retrieve the 4 Coinz , step on the Question Mark Switch and retrieve the Warp Letter .
Now exit through the return RW .
Move south across the (stable) bridge (with a Hole in the center) and give the pogo stick to the enemy Grunt .
While he is jumping around, pick up the Coin and enter the Green Wormhole to the east.
Above the odd Tile is another RW trigger.
Enter the RW and get the Coin .
Then get the other Coin to the west of the lava field.
Pick up the Warpstone and take it to the king.