Pool Party ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

Preview without links and pictures

Move your grunt across the water while avoiding the cloud. Walk up the right side of the water to trigger the red wormhole. Enter the wormhole, get the shovel and exit the wormhole. Fill, dig and refill the hole by the slide to get a coin. Step on the black 1 switch to the east, get the 3 coins and stand beside the arrow and the W.

Select your other grunt, go across the water, through the golf balls and step on the ? switch. This reverses the arrow beside the W for your shovelz grunt to retrieve. Select your barehanded grunt, get the coin, squish the boomerangz grunt and get the coin that is under him. Continue north and enter the blue wormhole.

Follow the walkway around and retrieve the scroll. Now go to where the welder is and take him out barehanded. Continue on around until you are south of the shieldz grunt. Use the scroll. Follow the walkway back around until you come to the ? switch. When you step on this, hurry back to the top and retrieve the A and the coin before the walkway disappears. Now cross the yellow walkway and, avoiding the cloud, continue south. The green breakable square on the bottom right will trigger another red wormhole. Get the coin, exit the wormhole and exit the walkway through the blue wormhole.

Pass through the rolling ball field. In the field with the golf balls and the golf bags, pick up the 2 coins. Get the gauntletz and break the mushroom. Avoid the cloud and get the 3 coins. There is a light green patch of grass 3 spaces below the top coin. This will trigger yet another red wormhole. Enter the wormhole, break the mushrooms, pick up the 3 coins and the R. Go across the yellow walkway. Break the giant mushroom to reveal a ? switch. Step on the switch and get the P. Walk to the other side of this area to the yellow blocks. Attract the bombz grunt to make a hole in the blocks. Pick up the warmstone and take it to the king.