Level Fore ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

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Cross the quicksand and get the wingz. Fly across the next quicksand area, get the coin and exit to the south. Pick up the spongegun and knock the hatz onto the green switch. Pick up the coin behind the golf bag. Move south past the green pyramids and the golf balls. Get past the boomerang gruntz (kill them if you want), pick up the Zap cola if you need it and get the coin to the north. Now move east past the golf balls and take out the 2 swordz grunts using the spongegun.

Get the gauntletz and walk as far north in this area as you can. This will trigger the red wormhole. Enter the wormhole, kill the hatz and get the W. Exit the wormhole. Break the brown blocks to get the coin. Enter the maze to the north and west to get the coin. Break the big mushrooms. Enter the green wormhole and take out the 4 hatz. Break the next big mushroom and step on the black 1 switch. Step on the ? switch and get the warpstone. Pick up the coin north of the king and take the warpsone to the king.