Stairz and Teleporterz


by Perfect Grunt

  1. Activate the gauntletz grunt and smash the rockz next to him, there are two coins hidden underneath them!
  2. Step to the teleporter
  3. Now move the grunt on to the black switch
  4. Look a little bit to the right, there is an other (barehanded) grunt next to a speed powerup. Let him run to the arrows on the right - the enemies can not do anything. At the end of the arrowz step on the next black switch.
  5. Now your gauntletz grunt can enter the teleporter. At the destination let him step on the next black switch.
  6. The barehanded grunt on the top picks up the megaphone and gets a shovel.
  7. There is a switch in one of the filled holez - find and activate it!
  8. Fill in the hole on the bottom and reopen it - There is a coin! The hole itself disappears. Step to the teleporter.
  9. There's a filled hole on the upper left. Open it and fill it again. Get the coin an join your gauntletz grunt.
  10. Let both gruntz jump into the teleporterz.
  11. Now smash the rockz - be careful of timebombz - and get the coin hidden under the rock on the bottom left. Activate the checkpointz.
  12. Let the shovel grunt jump into his teleporter. At the destination go one tile to the left as fast as possible. "Ahh! I don't remember seeing that before!"
  13. Collect the coinz - CAREFUL. YOU CAN ONLY TAKE ONE COIN IN EACH ROUND OF THE ROLLING ROCK! When you have collected the coinz, step to the return teleporter and go one tile to the right - IMMEDIATELY.
  14. I think I don't have to tell you that you have to be careful when you move to the bottom. When you are there step on the yellow switch.
  15. Go back to the top and fill in the holez on the right.
  16. "Remove" the enemy
  17. Open the hole he was standing on...
  18. Go to the bottom again and hit the purple switch!
  19. Now your gauntletz grunt enters his teleporter. Let him smash all the rockz before being reached by the enemies. After that step on the purple switch.
  20. Your third grunt is free! Let him pick up the megaphonez and the coin on the right!
  21. Now you have to get the two enemies on to the switchez - you should better save the game before trying that. After that hit all the other switchez.
  22. Your other gruntz can enter their teleporterz now. Let them hit the last black switch!
  23. Let all your gruntz enter all the teleporterz. They are together now!
  24. The "final battle"! Activate the checkpoint, fill in the holez, smash the rockz, get the coin, "remove" the last enemy, let the third grunt pick up the warpstone piece, smash the rockz aaaand... WIN!

Thank you for playing my CL!