Adventures With The Warpstone Piece
by Perfect Grunt

This is the walkthrough for my CL "Adventure(s) with the Warpstone piece". It's my first one AND I'm from Germany so my English is not so excellent, but I'm sure you'll understand it - if you aren't from Germany too. ;-)

The beginning is easy: Activate your Grunt and take the Warpstone piece. Then go over the arrows. The picture shows how to get over the Moving Bridge, be careful, the timing is chosen to be not "feeled" by the player!
If you have succeeded in crossing the moving bridge you have to solve the next puzzle. It is not very easy to avoid being hit by the Boomerang Gruntz. The picture shows you how to move, a small red circle means: WAIT! (This is important because of the lava geyserz! Don't forget about their timing!) Take the bottle of Zap Cola when you are on the right.
GooRoo's note: I used a different route, walking most of the way on (inactive) Lava Geyserz, stepping out onto Spikez just as the Lava Geyserz became active, then back to the inactive Lava Geyserz. So I left quite a bit of Zap Cola behind (didn't get hit by any 'bent wood').

The meaning of the big red circle? That's the trigger for the red wormhole... But be careful, the Boomerang Gruntz can still see you! The red wormhole opens at the position marked with the red arrow. Take the coinz and go back.
Now give the keg of Zap Cola to your Grunt and move him over the two lines of lava geyserz, but be careful of the rock-Grunt!
This looks challenging, doesn't it? ;-)
There's no way for you to kill the GunHatz Gruntz, but here's a hint: If you move in a special way, the GunHat Gruntz will kill each other! (And you if you aren't careful enough! You should probably save your game before trying this puzzle.)
If all the GunHat Gruntz except one are defeated, you have to go to the Blue Wormhole. Move slowly so that the last GunHat Grunt follows you off the switchez.
When you arrive at the destination of the wormhole go one tile to the left. IMMEDIATELY! REMEMBER, THE GUNHAT GRUNT CAN STILL SEE YOU!
What about the next puzzle? It's lovely, isn't it? And so easy... ;-)
It's almost easy if you know how to move through the UFO gauntlet: Go one tile left from your current position, let the spot pass by and then go on three tiles, let the next spot pass by and so on...
Jump into the teleporter, it brings you to the middle line of pyramidz. The way to move here is easy, but be careful, the enemy Gruntz can still see you. The last line is almost the same as the first line but don't forget about the coinz...
The last puzzle is REALLY easy. Just let the timebomber Grunt remove all the rockz (without killing your Grunt); you will find a Coin and the Secret Switch under them.
The timing of the moving bridge next to the fort is the same as the timing of the first puzzle. It should not be too difficult.
Great! This is the end of my first walkthrough!

Here is an example of the Statz page.