A World Of Sweetz - OverView

Here you see an overview of the level. Want some help? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
The numbers in the small square correspond with the green warps .
Once a sublevel is entered, you don't need anything from another sublevel.
You enter a sublevel with one grunt, you leave a sublevel with two gruntz.
One goes to the end level and waits there, the other continues to the next sublevel.
Any grunt left behind in a sublevel must be disposed of!

Every level has it's own red warp and secret ? switch

The level is timed , you start with 15 minutes. When your time is up the game finishes. (GAME OVER!)

When reaching a checkpoint extra time is given.
Picking up a stopwatch gives you an extra minute.
In easy mode all times are doubled.