About: Well, Winter in Minnesota of course. We have lots of snow and it’s cold. A lot of guys love to ice fish (and drink beer) and others like to hunt. Women, for the most part, stay where it’s warm. There is a very large elk walking through the state for some reason. To the north of Minnesota is Canada, to the east is Wisconsin where they have the Dells. It’s a great place to go and play. To the west is North and South Dakota where you have to love solitude. There’s not much there. Personally, I love the Dakotas. BTW, I live just south of the elk’s chest in central Minnesota.


Gruntz: You begin with one barehanded grunt. You will bake two more.




One grunt starts in the far northwest of the level which is Canada. He picks up a set of toobz and a coin and heads to norther Minnesota. He is a very smart grunt, and he knows that he would not live through a fight with another toobz unless he had something to refuel his energy, which he doesn’t see, so he chooses not to fight at this time. As soon as he is safe in Minnesota, he stops and surveys the situation. Seems there are some crazy hunterz as well as a lot of ice fishermen around today (must be the weekend). They have a reputation (true or not, I don’t know) for drinking too much and making really bad choices, so our smart grunt decides to find something to arm himself with. Ah. . .Gauntletz. Just the thing.


Since the hunters are so aggressive, Gauntletz gets rid of them all. Seems they had a bit of money in their pocketz too. Oh well, finders, keepers. Looking north, he sees gold in them thar’ hills as well, so he’s off to Canada again. Whoops, these fisherman are a bit unfriendly. Well this club should help to get rid of them rather quickly. Try the hit and run until you can find some cola (yes, there is some under one of those treez). When all four toobz are goo, pick up the gooberstraw, suck up the goo and then enter the only igloo that’s open. Whoa ho! Yes, more guantletz! Now get the rest of the rockz and coinz. (Save that new grunt in the machine for a while. No point in dropping him before he has a place to go.)


Feels good to be back at full health. Now he can start on the brickz. First, go north to the arrow. Get rid of two more enemiez, suck up the goo, and get all the goodiez.


Back to the brickz. Break them in any order you want, just don’t drop your new grunt until the area around the creation pad is clear. Once the antlerz are clear, stand back and wait for your new grunt to join you.


Meanwhile, our second grunt has picked up a spongegun and gotten rid of an enemy bomber. He also does himself a favor and tries to shoot the pink club object guard to the green toggle switch. Get the next enemy bomber, hit the BOTS and get out before that cannon gets you.

Back at the elk, Spongegun goes through the orange pyramidz: Shoot the top sword enemy to the arrowz, hit the BOTS and shooting the bottom sword enemy to the arrowz. If you didn’t shoot the object guard earlier, do it now from the nose of the elk. He needs to hit the GTS one time only to put down the pyramid at the elk’s belly. Then continue through the orange pyramidz to the black pyramidz, which should be coming down pretty soon. Go to stand next to the silver switch. Wait here.


Gauntletz now comes in, breaks the rock and goes through more orange pyramidz. When he gets to the green pyramid, he goes into southern Minnesota and breaks all the rockz. Kill the object guard, and the crazy gunhat (they like to fight each other, so you could just see what happens), pick up the gooberstraw and suck up the goo. Bake a new grunt, who gets the shovelz (ouch) and digz up all the holez. Gooberstraw refreshes himself and helps Shovelz get the coins on the lake. Toward the end, Shovelz will go through a secret switch and finally dig up more gauntletz, which gooberz will take. Shovelz digs the hole pointed at by the two arrowz and waitz for Gauntletz to finish his run.


Gauntletz finishes the orange pyramidz and comes to the silver pyramidz, which Spongegun will help him get through by stepping on the silver switch. Gauntletz continues on to the right leg of the elk and to his checkpoint switch. Now Spongegun can come through the silver pyramidz and go to the left leg checkpoint switch. Finally Shovelz can pick up the coin and be warped to the top where he goes to his checkpoint.


Shovelz fillz the three holez and redigs the bottom one. Stand back and wait for the noise to die down. Come out and redig the other two holez, leaving the cola for later. Pick up the spongegun. While you stand on the blue hold switch, shoot the toobz to the orange switch. Go through the silver pyramidz and do the same with the other two toobz. The bottom one needs to go to two separate switches. Now go through the green pyramidz and get the shovel. Zap Cola, yum. Go back through the silver pyramidz and fill/dig all the holes. Go through the red pyramidz, dig the last hole and get the springz.


Springz now jumps through the spikez, hits the BTS and jumps onto the up-pointing arrow. He will pick up the letter P and then come back and be magically transported to the fort. Find the Warpstone, get those coinz and carefully give it to the King. Hurray! Perfect game.



Coins: You will find 87 coinz in this level:

1          At the beginning of the level, before the landing.

2,3       In northern MN on the first lake with a landing.

4          Below the above mentioned lake under a rock.

5          Above the same lake under a rock.

6          Below the second lake along the elk’s back, under a rock.

7-10    Around the second lake with a landing, under rockz and in the open.

11        In the above mentioned lake.

12        To the left of the third lake with a landing under a rock.

13        In the third lake with a landing.

14        By the burrow above the third lake.

15        Under a rock on the BTS for the fourth lake with a landing.

16        In the fourth lake with a landing.

17        To the right of the BTS and the left of three treez under a rock.

18, 19  In Canada, under the treez along the border.

20-24  In Canada, in the lakez.

25        In Canada, behind the treez in RW#1.

26, 27  Under rockz in Canada.

28-32  On the tipz of the elk’s antlerz.

33-37  Under rockz in NW Minnesota in RW#2.

38        Under an igloo in RW#2.

39-42  Under rockz in North and South Dakota.

43-51  Under rockz in southern Minnesota.

52-55  In lakez in southern Minnesota.

56        In the treez above the GTS.

57-62  In holez in southern Minnesota.

63,64   In southern Minnesota in Secret switch #2.

65-70  Under rocks in the orange pyramidz.

71-73  On the checkpoint switchez.

74        On the RW#4 trigger, just below the orange pyramidz.

75        Under a giant rock, above the green pyramidz in Wisconsin.

76-78  In the green pyramidz in Wisconsin.

79        In a hole in the green pyramidz in Wisconsin.

80, 81  Under the treez by the elk’s right leg.

82        In a hole at the beginning of the red pyramidz

83, 84  In the red pyramidz.

85        On a BTS in the spikey area in southern Wisconsin.

86, 87  Going into the King’s fort.



Toolz: You will use fourteen toolz in this level. You enter bare-handed.

1.         Toobz – Behind the treez at the beginning of the level.

2.         Gauntletz – As you come into MN, by the 1st burrow along the border.

3.         Clubz – at the stairz on the way to Canada.

4.         GooberStrawz – along the Canadian border toward the beginning lake.

5.         Gauntletz – in RW#1.

6.         GooberStrawz – In RW#2 under a rock.

7.         Gauntletz – In RW#2 under a rock.

8.         Spongegunz – You will land on it coming into RW#3.

9.         Megaphone #1 calls for a gooberstraw.

10.       Shovel – under a rock below the elk’s neck.

11.       Warpstone – in a hole in southern Minnesota.

12.       Megaphone #2 calls for gauntletz.

13.       Shovel – in the green pyramidz in Wisconsin.

14.       Springz – in the hole below at the exit of the red pyramidz.


Toyz:  There are no toyz in this level.



Powerupz: There are no powerupz in this level.


Warp letterz:   All four warp letterz are in this level:

1. W:   In the open in RW#1.

2. A:    Under a rock in RW#2.

3. R:    In the open in the area after Secret Switch #2.

4. P:    In the open in the arrow maze in Wisconsin.



Secretz: There are five secretz in this level:

1.         RW#1 – In the only igloo you can enter in Canada. You will find a coin, the W, and a pair of gauntletz.


2.         RW#2 – There is an arrow pointing to it at the tip of an antler. Gauntletz enters and gets many coins, zap cola, the A and two goo puddlez.


3.         Secret ? switch #1 – Under a rock in RW#2. It opens a landing so a crazy toobz can come at you and become a goo puddle.


4.         RW#3 – Triggered by dropping a new grunt on the creation pad in the antlerz. Takes the new grunt to the Dakotas and the spongegun.


5.         RW#4 – At the end of the arrow maze in Wisconsin. It will take you to the fort and the Warpstone.