WALKTHROUGH – “Resurrection” by Oldone

This level begins in Heaven, with the King sending the Son down into the world to spread the Good News and save the as many gruntz as He can.. (While you’re here, take note of the angel standing just above the King. You will need him later. . .so don’t forget that he’s here.)

The Son journeys down, closing the way behind him, and goes to the northernmost bridge. As He travels around, He sees many gruntz trapped in their own selfish wayz and calls out to them to follow Him and be free. So He releases one and teaches him to spread the Good News. This one releases his brother and his brother finds a fisherman who desires to give up his toob and join them. The fisherman finds his brother, who loves the sea and decides to save his toob but also wants to follow. They all meet together in the valley below the green pyramidz. Meanwhile the Son needs to go off alone and pray. The King has a job for Him to do and without prayer it could be very hard.

He first goes to a small hill in the west where he prays and asks his Daddy for a couple of toolz that He needs. The King is very loving and generous and always answers our prayers. He also presses a green switch to open the way for His followerz. After this He goes into the small ravine below the hill to pick up more money, which He knows will be needed in this world, and then he goes into a blue warp. He lands in another trial which his Daddy has told him will be necessary in this world to make Him stronger and build faith, but not to worry. Thingz will be OK because, as in the last area, there are many safe places to run.

After going from flower to flower through some of the trialz of life, the followerz meet the Son at the next set of green pyramidz where one of the followerz helps them all by hitting the black switch. Another receives the gauntletz and the last barehanded follower picks up the shovel that Gauntletz has uncovered and goes to be with the Son and Toobz. Our helper receives the springz. The Son has taught our followerz well, so Gauntletz and Springz are sent off to the left and Springz goes up the first set of stairz to do a little work and earn some money. Toobz, Shovelz and the Son continue to the right and rest there until the time is right. There’s no going back now!

(There are many blue toggle and orange up/down switchez to be pressed in this level. So keep your eyez open for them. **If you miss just one, you will need to start over, and you don’t want to do that, do you?)

Springz jumps to the coin, getting the blue switch and an orange one on the way. He also decides to smell a pretty red flower and the King blesses him with a few more goodiez. Springz feels in his spirit that the Son is extremely pleased with his work. At the next stairway Gauntletz and Springz become very depressed.


Springz:           “I’m sorry, but I’m very sure this is impossible for me to do. Please forgive me.”


Gauntletz:       “ Don’t worry about it. I can see two rockz in there. I wonder if I’m the one to do this. I’m not so sure I can.”


Gauntletz hears the voice of The Son:            “Gauntletz, you can, if you will only trust me. Do you?”


Gauntletz:       “Yes, I trust you, but I don’t see how I can do this and live. Are you sure I’ll come out OK?”


The Son:         “Trust me. Stay on the safe path as much as possible and trust me.”

Well, what’s Gauntletz to do? He finds the shortest path possible and keeps to the safe tilez as much as he can. He’s just barely alive when he comes to the black switch. Now he takes time to praise the Son and thank the King for His goodness. He manages to get to the brick field, and Springz is allowed to take his leave on his checkpoint switch. (Shovelz can be working now in the holy field if you like.)

It seems that Gauntletz must go on alone. He’s very ill and scared, and feels like he will die. The King was right. There truly are many trialz in this life, but he has put his trust in the Son and he can’t let Him down now. He looks over the brick field and sees another poor sole trapped in his life style. “I know that with the help of the Son, I’m supposed to free this grunt.” He SAVES and takes a deep breath. Here we go! He slowly makes his way to the poor lost soul and when he arrives, the poor lost soul is so grateful that he picks up the spy glass and begins helping Gauntletz through the field. Spy glass now becomes a follower.

Spyglass leads the way through the green pyramidz, hitting the orange switch and dashing back out. He then goes from safe tile to safe tile, picking up the spongegun along the way, until he’s out and away from danger. “Come on Gauntletz! You can do it.” Gauntletz sees the health and desperately wants to go there first. Spongegun informs him of the danger, but he has to go. Carefully! He gets hit once, but fortunately has more health now than he did going in, so he feels blessed. Coming out he breaks the rockz so that spongegun can go in and shoot the enemiez over just one time. Don’t try to kill them as we need them. Everyone has a purpose in this world, even though we don’t necessarily like them. They then take all the cola and Spongegun shoots Gauntletz over the arrowz to step on the switch and they both go over the lake.

To thank Spongegun for all his effortz, Gauntletz goes first and picks up all the coinz. Sometimes trialz can become blessingz. Gauntletz and Sponge are a little confused about the next area. Gauntletz has broken all the giant rockz, but how are they supposed to press those black switchez? Sponge is pretty sharp and suggests that he shoot Gauntletz over the lava like he did before with the two-way arrow. Do you suppose it will work? Well, yes. . .as long as you watch out for those cannonz. They’re pretty long range. After they get through that area, they need a rest, so they both go left. Spongegun goes into the area with the ballz and resets the green switches so that the pyramidz are all down at the same time, and Gauntletz goes down and lets him back out by standing on the hold switch. Gauntletz goes north and waits and Spongegun can pass the green pyramidz.

Meanwhile Shovelz has been hard at work and is now standing in front of the arrowz. He’s a little nervous about entering that area, but the Son is encouraging him. “Daddy gave you good brainz, just use them” he says. “Follow the two-way arrowz, then go to the bottom left corner and back, then over to the right, and come back to the beginning. Now go to the top left corner and then out. Get the last hole. You will be doubly blessed.” While Toobz and the Son wait in front of the arrowz, Shovelz takes one crumble bridge to the bottom of the lake and fills the hole, plus a few more. He then needs to let Spongegun get out by standing on a hold switch. Spongegun takes his place on the switch and Shovelz goes into the area with the ballz and fills/digs the holez and Gauntletz lets him out. Shovelz can now go around, dig the other holez and Gauntletz and Shovelz can leave this area. A couple of them can stand on the purple switchez so Toobz and the Son can join them. Take a break. It’s safe here and you’re tired.

Toobz can get in the water where he’s most comfortable and take care of a couple of switchez and then rest on his checkpoint switch. Be sure not to step on any crumble tilez.

Gauntletz gets rid of rockz. If anyone needs cola, take some. If not, save it for later. You may need some then.

Gauntletz breaks brickz and unfortunately has to get rid of the enemy brick layer. Everyone is hoping that the enemiez within this area will be converted, but all they want to do is kill the followerz so of course the followerz must fight back. Plenty of health has been provided thankz to the mercy of the good King. Gauntletz and Shovelz finish doing their jobz and everyone goes to their checkpoint switchez to rest.

The Son is now left to finish His work. He must cross the bridge and be killed. As hard as it is, do not fall into the temptation to shoot the enemiez into the lava. For the sake of all this world, the Son must die. But don’t feel bad, the King knows what he’s doing.

The Son walks to the yellow hold switch and tries to reach the warpstone. He knows that He won’t make it, but He also knows that there’s a miracle coming. Pay attention to the ball on the right. As soon as it hits the secret (?) switch go back to the angel above the fort. The King will now set him free to enter the world and fly down to the cross. Follow the flowerz at the right side. When he reaches the cross, he picks up the spongegun and gets rid of everyone. Now he resurrects the Son. Hallelujah!! The Son gets the Warpstone and the angel controls the final switchez.

The Son can now refresh himself with cola (if there’s any left) and cross the final crumble bridge. He then makes his way back through the arrowz and then through the orange pyramidz and the forest (which has a lot of coinz in it). Now He can cross the bridge and give the warpstone to His Daddy, the King. Congratulations!

7 Survivorz

1 Death

6 Toolz

1 Toy

50 Coinz

10 Secretz

**The blue toggle switchez control the tilez in the lava at the base of the cross. They’re pretty easy to keep track of. Be sure you hit all the orange ones as well. They control . . . well, the orange pyramidz. You need a complete path through there.