WALKTHROUGH: “Patchwork Golf” by Oldone

This level looks a lot more complicated than it is, so here we go. Oh yeah, save often. Not because it’s so hard, but because there’s so much work, and it gets really boring when you have to do it all again.

We start with one grunt who finds the gauntletz and begins to break every rock he can reach, and turn all but three enemiez into goo. Leave the purple sword at the end of the flipping ballz on the left, he’s needed in another spot. We’ll take care of him later. The purple and yellow swordz at the end of the flipping ballz on the right will also be eliminated at a later time. Everyone else is doomed. There should be plenty of zap cola, or even special powerupz, so don’t worry about losing your health. Step on the blue switchez one time only, and don’t step on any arrowz. Wander around under those special eye candiez, the Lavahole and the Kitchenhole. There’s something there you don’t want to miss and it’s not coinz.. Did you hear that clicking noise? Remember, only step on it once. Pick up everything except toolz and toyz. These are for otherz who will come after you.

When you can find absolutely nothing else to do (and I do mean absolutely nothing), then pick up the gravity bootz and go into the gully with the spikez. Kill the wingz enemy and pick up the straw. Try not to step on anymore spikez and suck up the four puddlez. Drop the new grunt on the pad in the gully, and have him try to step out. He will take a trip to the gully on the left side and pick up a shovel. He can fill/dig the holez/moundz (don’t get squashed) and Strawz can control the ball to hit each green switch just one time. This makes safe spotz in the red/green pyramid maze in the south. Shovelz goes back through the warp and digs up all the mounds and holez in this gully. When he’s done, have Strawz stand on his checkpoint switch again and Shovelz can stand on the secret (?) switch to let him in to suck up the goo and then leave. Shovelz now stands on the black spot that he dug up and triggers another warp which sends him to the south, and also removes that pesky yellow sword. Shovelz can just cool his heelz for a while. Strawz can totally clean up this area now, but don’t drop any gruntz yet. As you’re sucking up all the goo, send those sword enemiez away by standing on the one empty hole in the flipping ball hazardz. When absolutely everything (check or you’ll be sorry) is sucked up, you can go and wait by the arrowz in the lower right corner of the northern section. Take a nap! You’ve earned it!

Be kind to your Shovel friend and drop a grunt on the creation pad in the south. Find the gauntletz and go through the drill again. No powerupz this time, but you can easily use the hit and run method and there’s enough cola. All you have to do when you’re finished is stand on a checkpoint switch, so you needn’t worry. And don’t forget to check out the Candyhole and Treehole. Shovelz can now go through the red/green pyramidz, and then hit the secret (?) switch. Go straight to the silver pyramidz and after digging up the mound SAVE! The time on the first few pyramidz is a little snug so follow the ball as closely as you can. Step on the toggle switch and go, staying as close to the ball as possible until you’re out. Now you can leave and begin digging everywhere. Don’t miss anything. Also, don’t pick up any toolz or toyz. As in the north, these are for otherz who will need them later. The hole in the arrowz is your way north but don’t go through unless you’re absolutely sure everything is done. You can’t come back.

Drop another grunt in the south and let him get the toobz so he can work in the water areaz. Wake up Strawz and have him step on an arrow and come south. Begin sucking, but don’t overload the machine. You don’t want to lose anyone. When toobz is finished, he can go to the north via Strawz’ return warp. Work the water up north and end by getting in the center pool and waiting on the left side away from the cloud.

Shovelz can go north and dig/fill all the moundz/holez up there. When everything is finished he can wait on his checkpoint switch. You can begin dropping gruntz where they’re needed. One for the rockz, one for the squeaktoy, one for the toybox, and one for the swordz. Gauntletz should have picked up a scroll and can resurrect the goo puddle on the left platform in the south. This grunt getz the springz and will go from platform to platform (you’ll want to SAVE more here), using the land between and getting all the coinz (you did hit all the blue switchez didn’t you?), ending with the right platform in the north. Here he gets timebombz and goes through the warp. Now he blows up all the brickz, gets the coinz and the Warpstone, and goes through the warp. Put him inside the checkpoint switchez, on the grass next to the toybox checkpoint switch.

Now everyone can go stand on their switchez. Toobz steps on the toggle switch and the hold switch while Warpstone gets that coin and comes across the water. Please watch out for that raincloud! Toobz and Warpstone stand on their checkpoint switchez, one of them gets the last two coinz, and Warpstone goes to the King.

Hurray!!! A Perfect!! Congratulations!

10 Survivorz

10 Toolz

 4 Toyz

16 Powerupz

250 Coinz

10 Secretz