About:            jackpot (jakʹpotʹ) n.   Any pot, pool, or prize in which the amount won is cumulative.

                        junction (jungkʹshen) n.         The place where lines or routes, as roads, railways, streams, etc. come together or cross.

Gruntz:          The games begins with one grunt. Three more will be created.


Area 1


Area 2


Area 4


Area 3

Area 1: Send Gooberstraw to the fight the enemy goober. Suck up his goo and the blue puddle and return to where you started. Suck up the two puddles, go left, get the megaphone and suck up the two puddlez there. Go back to where you started again. Step on the right pointing arrow diagonally below you. Now wait!

Area 2: Drop a new grunt on the creation pad with the shovel and very quickly fill a hole before the boomerang can hit you. Turn him to goo. Go back and dig up the yellow hold switch and stand on it.

Area 1: Go up the stairz and collect all the goo puddlez and coinz in this area. Step on the YHS to start the ball rolling and step on your checkpoint switch. Get the last goo puddle in the SE corner and wait here until someone puts your checkpoint pyramidz down..

Area 2: Finish filling/digging the holez in the starting area, picking up the coinz and the megaphone. There is cola if you need it. Fill/dig the four holez in the areaz next to the slot machinez and then wait on the goo puddle.

Area 3: Drop a grunt and give him the gauntletz. Break the sugarcubez making a path into the platform on the left. Break the giant pile of sugarcubez and wait on the green hold switch.

Area 2: Shovel can now go to the green safe tilez and dig up the two moundz by the boomerangz. You’ll want to dance a lot. Go back to the goo puddle. While the green pyramidz are dow, stand on the corner tile. As soon as the red pyramidz go down, click on the green safe tile diagonally opposite. Go south first, dig the hole and proceed to the checkpoint pyramidz. Dig the first mound and step on the BOT switch. Continue around to the right and north. Dig that mound and step on the switch to let the ball go. Once the ball has cleared the moundz, step on the poker chipz. Go back, dig up the last switch and wait.

Area 3: Finish clearing the sugarcubez to the right. Before you step on anymore switchez, you must step on that one lone arrow. When you come back, step on the YHS and let the ball go, then break all the sugarcubez on the west side so you can deal with the gun hatz. (You can wait to do this if you want, but I found the wingz were easier for the gauntletz to avoid than the gunhat was for the springz. Wait in a safe place.

Area 4: Drop another grunt and give him the springz. Lure the tool thief to the east then go north staying on the left side. When the toyer comes around to get you, quickly jump to the right side and south. Lure him as far south as you can and quickly go through the warp that he triggered. Now jump through the spikez, hit the checkpoint switch and go to the top row to get the coin. (This would be a great place to save.) Jump right and immediately back until the tornado is spent, then quickly go back, down diagonally right and right two more timez. When the next tornado comes, jump left, down diagonally right, hit the wingz and jump back north. Repeat until the wingz is goo. Go back and wait by the stairz.

Area 3: Gauntletz can now get rid of the enemy rockz. It’s easiest to lure them out of the card room, so you don’t have to fight the wingz at the same time. Get rid of the wingz, break all sugarcubez, and collect the goodiez. Step on your checkpoint switch and get the megaphone. Go to the landing.

Area 4: Springz now takes the shovel out of the resourcez and fills/digs the holez to collect everything. Scary thought, huh! Go to the landing.

Water tilez: Everyone makes their way to their respective checkpoint switchez, collecting coinz along the way. Pick up the four warpstone piecez (Jackpot!) and stand on your checkpoint switchez. Select all four gruntz* and say hello to the king. PERFECT!

*You don’t have to select all four gruntz, but it looks kinda cool. 8^)

Coins: There are 100 coins in this level:

Area 1:

6 are visible

13 are visible north of this area accessible via red warp #1

Area 2:

11 are in holez

9 are visible southeast of this area.accessible via red warp #2

8 are in holez southeast of this area accessible via red warp #2

Area 3:

6 are under sugar cubez

7 are visible south of this area accessible via red warp #3

6 are under sugar cubez south of this area accessible via red warp #3

Area 4:

5 are visible

8 are in holez

9 are visible to the west of this area accessible via red warp #4


Water:             There are 12 coins visible in the water area.


Toolz: There are 6 toolz in this level:

1.         The first grunt to enter lands on a gooberstraw.

2.         Megaphone #1 calls for gauntletz.

3.         The second grunt entering Area 2 lands on a shovel.

4.         Megaphone #2 calls for springz.

5.         Megaphone #3 calls for a shovel.

6.         You will dig up springz in Area 4.

Toyz: There are no toyz in this level.


Powerupz:     There are no powerupz in this level.

Warp letterz: All four warp letterz are used in this level:

W:       found north of Area 1, accessible via red warp #1.

A:        found southeast of Area 2, accessible via red warp #2.

R:        found south of Area 3, accessible via red warp #3.

P:        found west of Area 4, accessible via red warp #4.

Secretz: There are four secretz in this level:

1.         Red warp – the trigger is on a 2-way arrow in Area 1. You must go over this before the area is toggled. The warp opens at the spot where you first entered the Area and it takes you to the northern edge of the level where you will find 13 coinz and the letter W.


2.         Red warp – the trigger is on the tile with the poker chips and it opens very close by on a down red pyramid. It will take you to the southeastern edge of the level. (You should go only after the ball has passed the lower hole.) You will find 9 visible coinz, 8 in the holez, and the letter A.


3.         Red warp – the trigger is under a sugar cube and above a lone arrow at the far right. You must go through this before you let the ball loose. It will take you to the southern edge of the level where you will find 7 visible coinz, 6 under the sugarcubez, and the letter R.


4.         Red warp – the enemy toyer will trigger this warp when he steps on the one tile that is different from the rest. You must lead him as far south as possible before going through the warp or he will get there first. It will take you to the western edge of the level where you will find 9 visible coinz and the letter P.