About:            germ (jûrm) n. 1. a microorganism that causes disease; a microbe.


                        warfare (wôrʹ fârʹ) n.1. The waging or carrying on of war; conflict with arms. 2. Struggle; strife.

Gruntz:You begin with one Gauntletz grunt. You will bake two more.

Walkthrough:                                    GERM WARFARE


1.         Kill the bricklayerz and break as many sugarcubez as you can reach. Kill the boxerz and spongegunz. You should have uncovered some cola in case you need it. Go through the electrical outletz and break the sugarcube at the top.


2.         Kill the object guard. Kill the welderz and get all the coinz.


3.         Break a few brickz at the top of the row and then get the time-bomber to help with the rest. You only need a few broken so you can get into the two areaz. Kill the time-bomber. Don’t let him blow up. You need his goo.


4.         Break all the sugarcubez that you can reach and pick up all the goodiez.


5.         Get the straw and start sucking. Use the secret switch to go back into the beginning area and suck up all that goo.


6.         Create a grunt and have him pick up the spongegun. Spongegunz goes through the sinkz and hits the green toggle switchez.


7.         Be careful! The floorz a mess! Avoiding the welderz, hit your checkpoint switch, go upstairz to get out of the way and have Strawz kill the welderz. Don’t let the rockz or the barehanded enemy see you.


8.         Now Strawz steps on the spikez that are in that big pile of dirt. (Yuch! When did this lady last sweep?) When you land (oh, gross!), get out of the way immediately and kill the gunhatz. Suck his goo, and leave. Don’t forget to wipe your feet!


9.         Create another grunt and give him the gauntletz from the resourcez. Your team is now complete. Gauntletz can get rid of the rest of the enemiez on the floor, fighting the rockz and barehanded (you’ll find some cola under those giant rockz) and freezing the gauntletz (you may need Strawz to help before they thaw).


10.       Break the giant rockz and all the sugarcubez. (You can do this part after step 8 if you prefer.) Collect your goodies and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


11.       Spongegunz shoots Gauntletz over the two-way arrow into the maze while Strawz controls the switchez. Have Gauntletz step on all the black one-time switchez, and then he will enter the giant rock area. Before he breaks the rock, he should go down to the arrow and step on it. Break the giant rock, collect the goodiez, and go back through the arrowz until you come to the blue warp.


12.       The team goes upstairz and Gauntletz and one other goes over to the silver pyramidz. While one controls the switch, Gauntletz goes through the pyramidz, breaks the sugarcubez and comes back. SAVE, watch and study before you try to come back. The timing gets a little tight in one spot, but once you figure out which tile to step on, you’ll be fine.


13.       Now all three of you go to the right green pyramidz. Give the springz to Strawz. SAVE! Springz has to go through the arrowz with the rolling olivez. Again, watch and study. You must wait until there are two olives rolling through the arrowz at the top portion with the third olive at the bottom right. The second the third olive reaches the down-pointing arrow, jump on the arrow. You should reach the bottom just before you get squished by the first olive. Hot foot it over to the holez and jump out of the way. Get your reward and go into the next area.


14.       Staying to the north of the shieldz enemy, kill him and get the coinz. Replenish your strength with the cola behind the pepper. Take the clubz from the resourcez and kill the two defender gruntz and get those coinz. There’s a can of cola under the bacon. Kill the gauntletz. Get the bottle of cola, also under the bacon. Now pick up the reactive armor and head straight for the lower enemy swordz. As soon as he’s gone, hit the next swordz and then go for the zap cola next to the tobasco sauce. Finish off the swordz. Pick up the coin.


15.       Go across the griddle to the blue switch and then to the landing above the electrical outletz. Go through the outletz, get the wingz, and (timing is important here) fly over to the tile to the right of the shovel. Get the shovel and walk over the bottom set of arrowz. Dig and redig the holez and get the warpstone and anything else you find. Wait to go through the return warp until your buddiez have taken care of the tool thievez.


16.       Gauntletz picks up the scroll and prays! (SAVE) Read the scroll and head to your checkpoint switch. Hopefully, Spongegunz will get a toy that’s reasonably safe and when he’s done playing he’ll still be alive to carry on. If not, start again. He will now lose his tool, but he should be able to kill the thief who takes it. Start again if there’s a thief grabbing the Gauntletz.


17.       Now (again, watch your timing) Warpstone comes back through the red warp and steps on the top set of arrowz. Run for the fort! Congratulationz!! You have a PERFECT!


Coins:You will find 50 coinz in this level:

                        1-3:     under the sugarcubez by the stairz on the left.

                        4-7:     under the sugarcubez in the area surrounded by strawberriez, brickz, and electrical outletz.

                        8:        under a sugarcube guarded by an object guard.

                        9:        in the cherriez.

                        10-13: in the spikez on the left of the sink.

                        14-15: under giant rockz at the base of the stairz.

                        16-30: under giant rockz at the bottom of the floor.

                        31-33: under the giant rock in the middle of the arrow maze.

                        34:      below the fort, via a red warp.

                        35-36: under the sugarcubez in the silver pyramidz.

                        37-40: at the top of the sink.

                        41-43: in the spikez to the right of the sink.

                        44-45: in the area guarded by the shieldz enemy.

                        46-47: between the right sink and the arrowz, guarded by two enemy sponggunz.

                        48:      behind the tabasco sauce above the griddle.

                        49-50: in holez on the griddle, via a red warp.


Toolz:             You will use seven toolz in this level. You enter with gauntletz.

                        1.         Megaphone #1 calls for gauntletz which are given to the second created grunt.

                        2.         You pick up a straw.

                        3.         A newly created grunt picks up a spongegun.

                        4.         Megahone #2 calls for springz which are given to Strawz.

                        5.         Megahone #3 calls for clubz which are given to Clubz.

                        6.         Clubz grunt picks up wingz.

                        7.         Wingz grunt picks up a shovel.



Toyz:              You will see many toyz (grin), but you only use two, and they are scrolls.

Powerupz:You will use some reactive armor.

Warp letterz:All four warp letterz are in this level:

                                    1.         W:       in the ashtray, partially hidden by a sticky note, accessible via a red warp.

                                    2.         A:        under a sugarcube at the very bottom of the level.

                                    3.         R:        behind a bottle of tabasco sauce, in a small alley below the fort, via a red warp.

                                    4.         P:        in a hole on the griddle.

Secretz:          There are five secretz in this level:


                        1.         A secret switch is located under a sugarcube at the top of the electrical outletz on the far left. It will allow you to reenter the beginning area and suck up the goo.


                        2.         A red warp trigger is on the spikez in the dirt pile on the floor. It will take you to the ashtray where you will find a letter and get more goo.


                        3.         A red warp trigger is on the arrow by the hole inside of the arrow maze. It will take you to a small alley below the fort where you will pick up a coin and a letter.


                        4.         A red warp trigger is on the bottom set of arrowz on the griddle which will take you to the left to dig and redig some holes.


                        5.         A red warp trigger is on the top set of arrowz on the griddle which will take you to your checkpoint switch.