This level is a refresher course for us all. If you’ve been through the standard levelz, then you’ve done almost all these puzzlez or at least a variation of them. I’m not going to tell you when to save, or use a tool, or even pick up a coin because you should already know all that. So are you ready to go back to basic training? Then let’s get to it!

Two gruntz start. Make your way out of the starting gate, over the water, through the black and silver pyramidz and onto your checkpointz. (Easy huh? Should be, we’ve done all this before. ) Gauntletz gets the power-up and runs past the guardz, gets the brick laying tool and stops the ballz. Shovelz gets the gauntletz and comes out to step on the secret switch. Both of you go to the next checkpoint. Get rid of the enemy tool thief. Brickz gets the straw. Refresh yourselvez and get rid of the enemy straw. Step on the BOT switch and drop your new grunt.

Gauntletz and straw stand on the purple switchez. Bare-handed gets the power-up and runs through the enemiez, gets the ball, distracts the enemy, hits the switch and goes through the arrow maze. Pick up the glovez, go up the stairz and kill the enemy on the spikez. Lure the bomber to the rockz. Go up the alley. Go back and box your way through the enemiez at the tar pit, and go through the silver pyramidz. Get bootz and come back. Kill the enemy wingz. Your friendz get toyz and the three of you meet at the checkpoint. Navigate the red pyramidz one at a time (otherwise the other red pyramidz in the level might be thrown out of sync), sending gauntletz immediately to the rockz. It doesn’t matter who gets which tool.

Toobz operates the bridge and everyone crosses. Gauntletz goes through the arrowz and does his job. Bare-handed works the secret after shovelz works. Everyone goes to the checkpoint.

Spy gear goes first and finds a safe spot. Gauntletz follows and shovelz brings up the rear. Gauntletz gets the scroll. Through the green pyramidz, shovelz gets the toy and the new tool.

Come across the bridge. Anyone can operate the silver switch for gauntletz, who is being especially watchful of that gunhat in the south as he followz those odd footprintz. Gauntletz goes through the arrowz and lets everyone else through. Use the scroll. Go to the checkpoint.

Spygear gets the new tool. Spongegun helps shovelz over the hole and gauntletz and spongegun come up the arrowz. Spongegun helps gauntletz. Spongegun and shovelz come over. . .Spongegun gets rid of the enemiez allowing springz entry and access to the spiky area.

Spongegun enters the orange area, gets the toy and gives it to the enemy. Repeat. Get the welders kit, get rid of the enemiez, get the coin, megaphone and new tool while everyone else joins you. Work the bridge for gauntletz and springz, then for shovelz. Gauntletz goes through the ballz and rockz and brings springz through. Springz goes up the stairz, gets the coins and then hits the switch. Both go through the green pyramidz to join shovelz and bare-handed who has picked up a toy.

The ex-springz, who has been working with very low energy for quite a while decides to rest in the shade on that green hold switch. Bye-bye! Everyone else goes over the bridge into the next puzzle.

Shovelz goes to the red hold switch. Barehanded gets the new tool and goes to the BOTS. Everyone leaves. Anyone can go through the silver pyramidz and let your buddiez through. Go to the checkpoint.

Bare-handed and brick-layer get new tools and now timebombz steps on the yellow toggle switch. Go ahead of the ball through the arrowz. Shovelz and clubz get rid of the enemiez, and timebombz can progress to the giant rock. Shovelz picks up the new tool and helps everyone through the next section where clubz gets a new tool also.

Sneak up on the enemy playing “king of the hill” and pay him back for the carnage he’s left up ahead. What do you mean you don’t have a strong enough weapon? Sure you do → !!

Drop one grunt on the creation pad next to the wingz. Fly over only one spikez tile and walk to the warp. Fly to the down arrowz and walk to the upper hole, fly over it. Get the bomb and stay on the hold switch until everyone has come through. Go north with timebombz. Get to the green hold switch so timebombz can do the secret.

Timebombz goes through his rolling ballz maze and enters the green maze with his friendz. They all come out the other side. Get rid of those pesky rock-throwerz and let out your new grunt. Three of you gather at the green pyramidz while the fourth one lets the ball roll over the yellow toggle switch. Join the otherz and all of you step on the purple switchez before the ball goes over the purple pyramid.

Spongegun gets the warpstone. Shovelz gets the last two moundz and then you can give the warpstone to the king. Good job, recruitz. The Sergeant Major will be pleased.

23 toolz

8 toyz

2 power-upz

120 coinz

13 secretz