WALKTHROUGH - "2BOrNot" by Oldone

You warp into the fort area with lots of Giant Mushroomz, but you're stuck here. There seems to be a lot of work to do outside so let's figure out a way to get there.
1. Pick up the one thing (Megaphone #1) that you can and yell loud.
Maybe the creator will hear you. Yes!! A magic Shovel (Tool #1).
Stand on your CheckPoint Switch (CPS) and notice that it stays lit when you step off.
Hmmm! Git diggin' but be careful, some fool buried TimeBombz in strange placez!
Every dark cloud has a silver lining, though, and the Giant Mushroom

is blown away, revealing ... another Megaphone!

Turn every Hole into a safe Mound ... and try to turn Moundz into ordinary turf . Don't pick any toolz up until you know you can't dig anymore.
2. What tool next? Well, there are a few Mushroomz left around so let's get rid of those.
Pick up the Gauntletz (Tool #2) that you uncovered earlier. Notice that that CPS stays lit as well.
What could you be opening? Oh well, just start breaking thingz and see what turnz up, such as a Coin (#1) or two (#2).
3. Now what? Spongegun or Rockz , Rockz or Spongegun .
Whichever one you pick, be sure to stand on the CPS or with your 'name' on it.
I recommend the Rockz (Tool #3).
There are four enemy Gruntz blocking the stairwayz to the King's Fortress plateau.
Turn the enemy Gruntz to the left, top and right into Goo Puddlez . What about the bottom one you ask?
Well, you can kill him too if you want to spend the rest of your life here, or for more freedom, pick up the. . .
4. Spongegun ! Satisfy the CPS and then stand diagonally up to the left of the last enemy Grunt .
Shoot him along the path and over the Arrow . Voila! You may leave now.
5. I know. I hate arrowz too. Oh well.
Shoot the enemy Grunt in front of you to the Yellow Hold Switch (YHS).
Step on the Arrow straight ahead and "take a ride" to the right.
Again, shoot the enemy Grunt to the YHS .
Satisfy the CPS and then pick up the Coin (#3) southwest of it, and the other Coin (#4) due north ... and go to the center top.
Don't shoot this enemy Grunt just yet. We'll need to use him later.
Go left, step on the Arrow and pick up another Coin (#5).
Shoot the enemy Grunt and go back to the center top.
Now shoot the enemy Grunt and go back to get the other Coin (#6).
OK, on to the Bridgez .
6. Springz can go right (to Green Pyramidz (GP) and Spikez ) or left (to Holez and Jumping Golf Ballz ). . .it's up to you. The designer went left first (I don't know why, I just did, so this description goez left.)
Go through the Automatic Toggling Bridge tilez and collect the Warp letter , a Coin (#7) ... and on to the CPS , then onto dry land. (Whoa! better be careful around here!) Try to imagine this area with the water at the top.
Now, go to the left top BOTS first and pick up a Coin (#8), then to the right top BOTS and pick up another Coin (#9). Now down to the bottom right BOTS and pick up yet another Coin (#10).
From here make your way to the CPS (and pick up a Coin (#11) along the way) over on the other side.
Take a breather. Notice that one little tile that doesn't have a flipping ball in it? Hmmm!
Move on to the last BOTS and pick up a Coin (#12). You should be able to hop down into the Quicksand Pit and pick up the last Coin (#13) in this area, and out of the area.
7. Remember those Bridge tilez above the arrowz?
We still need to go to the right side, so don't be picking up any toolz.
Back through the arrowz (north, west, then northwest) and onto the Bridge to the Blue Toggle Switch (BTS).
Pick your way from Crumbling Bridge tile to Crumbling Bridge tile across to the Warp letter and pick up the Coin (#14) and on to the CPS and onto dry land again.
You'll need to find a way press each of the four Green Toggle Switchez (GTS) in order to lower all of the GPz , and on your way see what's happening over in the Quicksand Pit.
(I'm sure you can figure this out.)
Then move down the other side to the next Quicksand Pit to pick up a Coin (#15) and back up to collect Coin (#16) and on to the CPS . Collect four more Coinz (#17, #18, #19 and #20) and out. Are you there yet?
8. OK! Seems the only place we can go is through those Silver Pyramidz (SP).
Now would be a good time to pick up that lost Spongegun (Tool #6) behind the golf bagz.
Normally I would suggest stepping on the Silver Timer Switch (STS) to see what happens, but since you really only have one chance here, maybe it would be best if you
  1. SAVE!
  2. Now you can shoot the enemy Grunt onto the STS and see what happens before diving in.
  3. Repeat stepz #1 and #2 for the next two enemy Gruntz
Successful at this, you have added five more Coinz (#21, #22, #23, #24 and #25) to your "treasure chest".
You will shoot the last enemy Grunt onto a Question Mark Switch and walk out into an area (...gulp...) loaded with bad guyz. Don't get distracted, keep looking at this corner and soon you will see your way out.
9. Put on the Toob (Tool #7) and swim to 2 BTSz (Warp letter and Warp letter ) and collect two Coinz (#26 and #27) and satisfy 2 CPSz .
Now all the bridge tilez are up .
Here you are at the toggling Red Pyramidz (RP) and you're so tempted to go through them, but there are Orange Pyramidz (OP) in crucial placez ... and not an Orange Up/Down Switch (OU/DS) anywhere to be seen.
Well you can if you want to. . . maybe not!
Take a walk back to the center (pass GO and collect a Coin (#26)) and follow the rapidly Rolling Golf Ball (RGB) up alongside the Holez to the Shovel (Tool #8).
10. Dig up the Mound you're standing on (carrre..ful) and start filling in Holez in the center column
  1. fill
  2. step forward
  3. fill
  4. dig up behind
  5. repeat stepz 2 through 4 as long as your enhancement holdz out
(Notice I never mentioned picking up anything! There is plenty of time to do that later.)
(This is also a 'Magic' Shovel but only some Holez need to be filled-in/re-dug ... just fill in the rest.)
I'll bet you're glad to have that roidz, It sure speeds up the process.
Once there are no more Holez or Moundz , and you have turned some Holez into Moundz , it is time to go back and pick up the Goodiez (#29, #30, #31, #32, #33, #34 and #35) you uncovered.
And, yes, it was be very wise to step on that OU/DS you uncovered ... it makez the solution possible!
There is something else you may do while you are here; play "dodge ball" and pick up the two Coinz (#36 and #37) in the path of the RGB . (Someone (you!) equipped to deal with Mushroomz will be along later, and can do it.)
I think we can get through the RPz now, so back to the right we go.
Run from safe spot to safe spot (pick up one Coin (#38) along the way) until you pick up the Wingz (Tool #9). There are two thingz you may do now:
  1. Take out a bit of frustration on the enemy Grunt who shot at you, by walking back through the RPz to where you acquired the Coin and send a tornado at him (he may land on the BOTS for you).
    Then fly to the Blue Hold Switch (BHS) via the Crumbling Bridge tile in the nearby Quicksand Pit. ... or
  2. Fly to the first Crumbling Bridge tile and walk to the BHS . Step on that extra tile and get outta here!
You land on your CPS and pocket a Coin (#39) for your effort. You see another Coin (#40) on a raised Bridge tile in the nearby Quicksand Pit, and make a short flight there and back to acquire it.
Pick up the Coin (#41) in the path of the RGB and move north and then east to pick up the next Coin (#42).
Northeast again to pick up another Coin (#43).
There is one final Coin (#44) down south. Now you may walk back to where you picked up your tool and walk out.
11. I suppose I could go through the next maze with the Wingz , but it might be easier with a Spongegun (Tool #10). Now where did I see another one?
Make your way through this area, stepping on BOTSz (or 'encourage' someone else do it for you as you go).
Don't forget to satisfy the CPSz in the far north!

Pick up the Gauntletz (Tool #11) and go back through the area breaking all the Mushroomz as you go, picking up the goodiez (#45, #46, #47, #48, #49 and #50) you see.
(Acquiring that last Coin letz you say goodbye to the Labyrinth.)
12. Back in the middle section, do what is necessary to demolish all nine of the Mushroomz and the six Giant Mushroomz and get all nine of the goodiez (#51, #52, #53, #54, #55, #56, #57, #58 and #59).
When you're done, go back to the Bridge and go left and pick up the Coin (#60) you bypassed earlier.
13. Taking a moment to survey the area, you see that, really, thingz aren't as bad as they first appeared.
Sneak through the four enemy Gruntz pacing around the Coinz (they are soooo dumb!) and kill the four enemy Gruntz (who thought that were safe behind their high Brick wallz ), taking care to leave four Goo Puddlez . Now I know there's a Gooberstraw (Tool #12) in the toolbag, so take it out and start suckin'.
Drop your new friend onto the GruntCreationPad , where he immediately becomez armed (Tool #13).

Stay out of his way and watch as he demolishez the enemy Gruntz.

Boomerang collectz a couple of Coinz (#61 and #62) on the GTSz .
While GooberStraw acquirez a Coin (#63) and is standing on a BHS , sucking Goo , Boomerang acquirez a Coin (#64) of his own.
While GooberStraw acquirez another Coin (#65) and is standing on a BHS , sucking more Goo , Boomerang acquirez a Coin (#66) of his own ... the last one!
With his task complete, he headz for a CPS without any Goo on it (#1 of 4 required).
Suck up two more Goo Puddlez and bake a new Grunt .
Have him carry the Warpstone to the nearby CPS and wait for the "all clear".
Suck up four more Goo Puddlez and satisfy the CPS (#2 of 4) that held the last of the Goo.
Newest Grunt givez the "all clear" and headz for a CPS (#3 of 4) he is qualified to satisfy.
Warpstone Grunt headz for the last CPS (#4 of 4) and the wallz (er, CheckPoint Pyramidz ) all fall down , allowing him to give the Warpstone to the King!

Congratulations! Perfect!