WALKTHROUGH – “Pineapple Punch”

Two gruntz start at the top of the blender. One goes to the hold switch and the other gets the springz and goes through the lava. Hit both switchez and stay on the landing. The other grunt comes down the bridge and picks up the gauntletz.

– Gauntletz steps on the silver switch and heads to the banana. Springz steps on the silver switch while the silver tilez are still moving and stays there for now. Gauntletz goes through the banana, triggering a RW at the grassy rest spot, and then goes to the brickz. He lets the ball around the edge go and quickly breaks the brickz and continues on through the blue warp to land on the silver switch in the middle of the blender. Hit both BOTS and wait.

– When the ball hits the silver switch, Springz goes through the silver pyramidz to the orange. Pass through and get the toobz. Travel around the perimeter of the fruit picking up all coins from the cherriez and warp letterz from the frame. When they’ve all been picked up, go through the blue warp at the top right.

–Gauntletz hits the SS and toobz goes to the pineapple, staying low so as not to attract the boxerz. Gauntletz follows. Gauntletz goes through the apple and breaks the rock. He returns to the pineapple. Toobz goes through the apple and picks up the clubz, also returning to the pineapple.

– Now one grunt attracts the boxerz one at a time and lures them to the other grunt and both gruntz eliminate the enemy. (Be sure to stand somewhere with your back to a wall so you can’t be pushed to the spikez.) One of the gruntz now picks up the goober straw, sucks goo and bakes two new gruntz. Everyone go to the checkpoint switchez. Find the switch that will let the ball go to the blue toggle switch (it was the one switch that was up from the beginning) and someone picks up the Warpstone and gives it to the King.

Hurray! Perfect!! Congratulations!!!