About "The Rock IV"

The adjective (called the definite article) 2 serving to describe as unique.
Rock noun 1a the hard material of the Earth's crust, exposed on the surface, or underlying the soil.
IV adjective In Roman numeralz (equivalent to arabic '4'), identifying the graphicz set used to create this CL.

Your main task is to keep the Rolling (Malted) Milk Ball moving ... many timez it is the only way to accomplish a task.
There are six Orange Up/Down Switchez (OU/DS) in this Custom Level ... you must press five of them ... the five you locate that are easy to reach ... do not press the one more difficult (possibly painful) to reach.

There are eight Purple Multi-Grunt Switchez , seven of them in plain sight, the eighth under a Cupcake .
All eight of them must be occupied at the same time to be able to complete the Custom Level.

One Grunt is required to accompany the Warpstone Grunt, so at least ten Gruntz are required.

You only are given two Gruntz to begin with, so "use the Goo, Luke" ... the Goo Puddlez , that is, and the GooberStraw , as soon, and as often, as possible.

And whatever you do ... avoid the airplanez and their "CARE" packagez!!!