X Y Secret Type Description of the location
8 5 Red Warp (RW) #1 The SecretTeleporterTrigger is a (lowered) Silver Pyramid in the opening maze.
After you succeed in making it to the stairway, there is a second sequence which allowz you to reach the SecretTeleporterTrigger. Be patient!
The RW will open where the Grunt entered the puzzle.
The RW will take you to the area where there are three Coinz and a Tool. That Tool will allow you to reach the first Question Mark Switch .
59 2 Secret Switch #1 Located on an island in the northeast corner of the map.
If you don't manage to go through the first RW , you can't get here!
It createz a path to three more Coinz and a Blue Wormhole that will get you to the (very necessary) return RW .
14 6 RW #2 The SecretTeleporterTrigger is a Crumbling Bridge Tile in the first Quicksand Pit.
The RW will open on the stable Bridge Tile diagonally northwest.
The RW will take you to a Blue Toggle Switch south of where the Warp letter is found.
13 38 Secret Switch #2 Located on a plateau on the eastern edge of the first Quicksand Pit.
It temporarily raisez the land out to the island with the Warp letter on it.
Like Atlantis, it will sink away, so don't dawdle!
52 39 Secret Switch #3 Located in the northeast corner of the peninsula where Grunt #3 entered the puzzle.
It removez Construction Pyramidz, and createz a land bridge to the Warp letter .
36 33 RW #3 The SecretTeleporterTrigger is an Arrow on the plateau filled with Arrowz.
Your Grunt cannot reach it, so an enemy Grunt must be encouraged to go there.
The RW openz near the (very narrow) stairway.
It takez you to the island where the Warp letter can be seen in plain sight.