Sword, Sweet Sword

by SwordGrunt 

You'll start near an arrow maze. Take the middle arrow (the one pointing up). When you arrive, grab the Gauntletz, step again on the blue switch, and take the teleporter. Smash the giant cake and the small one under it as well. Don't pick the Goober Straw yet, proceed giving the Sword enemy the monster wheel. Watch out, if the green pyramidz suddenly lower, skip to the italicized and bold part ahead. Head to the area below and annihilate the Sword guarding a goo puddle. Make sure you don't get attacked, you'll need full health – to kill the Object Guard, just hit him when he's moving from one tile to another. Now kill the Club enemy below, you'll be left with 4 health. Make the most out of it and kill the barehand to the left – careful though, you'll be left with 1 health after this fight. Now step on the green hold switch and get out of it immediately. That will kill the Digger down there. Break the top-left brick and get the Goober Straw once you lost your Gauntletz. Suck up all the goo around and make a new Grunt. 

Lead the new Grunt through the bridgez. Ignore the Sword and get the coin above it. Step on the bridge just above the coin to reveal the Red Teleporter – come back to it immediately. Pick up the 4 coinz and take the return warp. Now get the Gauntletz, smash the cake and stand on the revealed switch. Tell Goober Straw Grunt to get the pair of zap cola bottles near the start. Now Gauntletz Grunt can go back and stay near the SpongeGun enemy. Do not even think about touching him. Get the hidden coin in the bottom of this area, smash the giant cake and get the other. Now tell Goober Straw Grunt to stand below an arrow, and when the SpongeGun ball is nearly arriving, step on the arrow. Now you can get the Sword and go back. Tell both of your Gruntz to go to the area where the Digger was. Break the remaining brown brick and tell Gauntletz to stand below a silver pyramid. Swordz picks the Roidz and takes the Teleporter, but don't forget to send Gauntletz in as well, while the silver pyramidz are down. Try to distract the 3 bottom barehand enemiez while Sword arrives in the Teleporter. If all 8 focus on him, he won't stand a chance, even being a Roidz Sword Grunt. When all enemiez are magically transformed into goo in secondz, smash the cakez around, pick up all the coinz and give health to any Grunt whose health bar may be red. 

Now you can choose whether to fight the many enemiez ahead, or to just squish them by stepping in the switchez while another Grunt fools them in the pyramidz. 

If you choose to fight, always try to attract 1 enemy at a time, instead of both. Sometimez this will not be possible, but you should still concentrating on killing 1 enemy then the other. When you kill the Diggerz, send Swordz alone to kill the Club Smart Chaserz – when the path is open for the Dumb Chaserz, kill one at a time. When it comes to the Swordz, there is a trick. Send one Grunt to go to the lowered Checkpoint pyramidz – one of the Swordz will follow him, however only one. Kill him, and repeat the process. Now open the checkpoint. Wow, you have quite good fighting skillz! 

Send Swordz past the bridgez. Be careful, the first bridge is tough. Watch the second-to-last and the last pairs of automatic toggling bridges. When both raise simultaneously, immediately send your Grunt through the bottom path. Kill the Club enemy near the King and make sure one crumble bridge is left. Now get Gauntletz past the crumble bridge maze – it's an easy one, actually. Now get past the brick maze with the help of the Timebomber – make sure you get out in the top exit, with the red brickz. Get the coin under the giant cake, and go past Warpstone. There's a hidden cake with Toobz under it. Break it, then break the red brick, and get the Toobz. Pick up the W and activate the Secret Switch near the King. Quickly swim to the coinz, and go back. Get the Warpstone and make your way through the bridge maze. Deliver the Warpstone to the King, and you're done! 

Crumble Bridge Maze Solution