Walkthrough ... Grunt #4
Grunt entered @
X=22, Y=43
Description of what to do
Bare-handed Leavez the oven and walkz to stand on a RHS for a while.
Takez the Gauntletz from the GruntzMachine and becomez Gauntletz #4.
Gauntletz Breakz the Mushroom that is an obstacle to his real work.
Stepz on an Arrow that may do him some good.
Breakz another Mushroom (also just an obstacle).
Lookz around and decidez "I can't get there from here. Hey, Rube!"
Grunt #5 to the rescue!
He standz on a YHS and the TWA reversez .
He breakz the Giant Mushroom

to reveal a
in the very center.

Breakz the two Mushroomz , but does NOT take the new tool.
That's Grunt #5's responsibility. So he exchangez placez with his buddy.
He standz on the YHS and the TWA reversez (again).
Once his buddy has done all he can do, he breakz the final Mushroom and pickz up the Warpstone Piece .
Warpstone He walkz around the "House of Gold Brickz" and divez through a BW .
Takez a stroll toward the King's Fortress, and findz the way blocked .
When the obstacle is removed , he presentz his prize to the King.