Warp X Y Where to find them
12 42 Under an Ice Crystal within "Finger dexterity exercise #1".
95 25 Under an Ice Crystal where there are Pyramidz everywhere.
Picked up by Gauntletz Grunt #4.
83 4 In plain sight in the path of a Rolling SnowBall (RSB) in the Tar Pit area.
A Grunt goez through a Red Warp (RW) to reach the area and collect three Coinz (Coinz #29, #30 and #31) as well as the Warp letter 'R'.
111 58 In plain sight on the island north of the King's Fortress.
Reached by any Grunt (even an enemy )going through a RW in the final battle area.
Any of the solver's Gruntz going through the RW will be rewarded with two Coinz (Coinz #49 and #50), and the Warp letter P.