You begin with six Bare-handed Gruntz. You will convert six otherz before the game is over.
Since you may use different Gruntz for certain taskz, the numberz in the list below are only suggestionz.
(But the walk-through is based upon these gruntz being used in this way.)

1 Bare-handed
2 Bare-handed (Death #1 )
3 Bare-handed
4 Bare-handed ... getz the Warpstone
5 Bare-handed (Death #2 )
6 Bare-handed
7 Boxing Glovez (converted )
8 Shield (converted )
9 Shovel (converted )
2r Bare-handed (converted )
10 SpongeGun (converted )
11 Sword (converted )
You must use five enemy gruntz (keep them alive) to finish the puzzle!
One of your Gruntz (#4, in this walk-through) must get the Warpstone to the King.
Fourteen gruntz must stand on Purple Multi-Grunt Switchez (you only have ten).
One grunt may exchange his tool for Gauntletz (but should be Bare-handed ).