Switchez and Pyramidz ( Custom level by GooRoo )
Story by GooRoo

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About: Switchez and Pyramidz … the ideaz behind the title of this Custom Gruntz Level.

Gruntz: What you have to work with; what you may acquire.

Puzzle Concept: How the author thinks about the solution, suggesting what you should do.

Where to start: Your Gruntz begin in four different areaz of the map. What workz?
Gauntletz Grunt:
Bare-handed Grunt:
Warpstone Grunt:

Other areaz:
Arrowz maze:
South-pointing Hand Lake:
A Giant Rock in the South:
East-pointing Hand Lake:

Making the King happy:

Secretz: Where do you find them?

Acknowledgementz: All about the people who contributed to this Custom Level, either by examples, or actively; the people (giantz) upon whose shoulderz I stood while making this level.

Switchez: Your meanz of controlling Bridgez, Pyramidz. And Arrowz
Pyramidz: Thingz placed to hinder you from solving this puzzle.

You begin the game with three Gruntz; Gauntletz, Warpstone, and Bare-handed. Toolz and Toyz will be found under Rockz, and in Holez. Holez with dirt in them frequently turn into ordinary Tilez when you dig them up. If not, you may find some sort of "goodie" in it. If it lookz like a Hole with dirt dumped into it … dig it up again! There may be something worth your time in it.

Puzzle Concept:
You will need to put Gruntz on certain Switchez, located in various areaz surrounding the King's Fortress, in order to proceed from one area to the next.

Where to start:
Gauntletz Grunt: What can you find lying around loose? Pick it up! Is there anything you can break? Break it! Do you need anything you find under what you broke? If so, take it! If not, (unless it is a Coin) leave it alone … another Grunt may need it later. Is there anything else around that you can (now) break? Break it … until nothing remainz in the area to be broken. Is there a Switch around anywhere? Step on it! What did it do? Did it help you to be able to do anything else? Did it help another Grunt to be able to do something? Are you now stuck? Hey, Rube! (Call on your buddiez for help.) If not, maybe there is something else breakable that you can see. Go to it! Continue breaking thingz, until there is no longer anything within reach to break.

Bare-handed Grunt: What can you find lying around loose? Such as a Boomerang under that Rock your teammate broke. Pick it up! But don't throw that thing until your friendz are out of harm's way. There are three enemy Gruntz just East of where you found the Tool. You must take two of the three out of action, and at least weaken the third, if not dispose of him entirely. If you leave any enemy Grunt around, let it be the one standing on that Purple Switch. Your buddy can take care of him later, and he'll have a Beach Ball to keep him occupied until the Toy breakz, and the enemy realizez there is an intruder in the area. If you weakened him, he won't be any problem. After you have used the Boomerang on the enemies you can reach, you probably want to exchange it for another Tool. Is there one around somewhere that you can reach? It would probably be a good idea to trade in the Boomerang. Now, what can you do with your new Tool? Is there anything obvious nearby? Continue using that Tool until you have done everything you can in the area. Then look for something to do in another area of the puzzle. See anything? Go to it!

Warpstone Grunt: This poor guy doesn't have much room to roam. He can move onto any one of the four Purple Pyramidz (currently lowered) … but what is keeping them down? The enemy Grunt standing on the Purple Switch … and his Doctor just told him he "should not buy any green bananas" (his life-line is rather short). He probably should stay exactly where he is, until "the coast is clear".

Is there any place you can reach, with any Grunt?: There is that Arrowz maze to the West, with a Coin in it. Other than that, there doesn't appear to be anything you need in there. But at the exit of the Arrowz maze there is a Black One-Time Switch … will that lower the Black Pyramid blocking your way below the Yellow Toggle Switchez? Enlist the aid of your buddy to make the two-way Arrowz point the way you want (and need) to go, or simply step on the five Yellow Toggle Switchez yourself, until all the Arrowz are pointing in the desired direction, then enter the maze. There is a Hole in the far Southwest area of the puzzle that should be filled. You wouldn't want your buddy to fall into it, would you?

Other areaz:
Arrowz maze: Any Grunt will be able to make it through this maze, no matter what his walking/jumping speed may be. Your reward is a Coin, and getting from here to there.
South-pointing Hand Lake: Is that Black Pyramid important? Probably, since there are also West-pointing gravel moundz also pointing to it.
A Giant Rock in the South: It is just begging to be broken, isn't it? Well, get to it! Now, is there anything else that can be broken? Anything you would like under whatever you break? If you need it, or it is a Coin, pick it up! If not, leave it alone until you know what needs to be done with it.
East-pointing Hand Lake: Drawz attention to the Giant Rock, doesn't it? Wonder what you may find under that thing? Break it, and see. If there is something which remainz to break, break it; Holez to be filled or dug up, use that Shovel!
Checkpointz: How do you get to them? Must be some Secretz around somewhere!!! Yep! Three of them, and all of the three are necessary to the solution.

Making the King happy: Put a Grunt (or leave an enemy Grunt) on the Purple Switch, and the Purple Pyramidz will be lowered. Put a Grunt of the Green Switch, and more (Green) Pyramidz are lowered. Put the correct Gruntz (together) on the Checkpoint Switchez, and the Checkpoint Pyramidz will be lowered. What remains is a single Red Pyramid blocking the path to the King for the Warpstone Grunt. Put a Grunt on the Red Switch, and the way is clear!

Red Warp #1: Immediately to the South of the King's Fortress, there is a foundation upon which Brickz may be built. That space is the trigger for the Red Warp that you want to send your Gauntletz Grunt through. (Before he enterz the Red Warp, he has time to break Brickz to provide a clear path for the Warpstone Grunt to enter the Fort from his Pyramidz prison.) He will be able to pick up six Coinz there. He should have the Beach Ball (if you left one enemy Grunt alive) with him. Give it to the enemy Grunt, and it will keep him occupied for a while. Break the Rock, to reveal a Coin atop a Checkpoint Switch. Remain standing on the Blue Hold Switch until your other free Grunt has made use of the Stepping Stonez raised by the BHS. Don't worry if the Beach Ball breaks … Gauntletz will be able to handle him while remaining on the BHS. Before Gauntletz returns through the Red Warp, he will step on a coupl of Black One-Time Switchez.

Red Warp #2: The Hole under the Giant Rock (when filled) is the Secret Trigger for the second Red Warp. Step on that Hole, and a Red Warp will appear within view. That will get you the letterz "W", "A", "R" and "P", and two Coinz. Note that a Grunt must be standing on the Blue Hold Switch, or the Red Warp will be inoperative. (Warpz refuse to take a Grunt to a Death Tile … and if there is no Grunt on the BHS, the destination is a Stepping Stone that is lowered … a "Death Tile".)

Red Warp #3: Remember that Black Pyramid in the Southwest corner, pointed to by the South Hand? That is the Secret Trigger for the final Red Warp. The Red Warp will appear North by Northeast from the trigger, and take your (Gauntletz) Grunt to the third Checkpoint, and two Coinz, and the final Checkpoint.

Paul: "A World of Sweetz"; Covered Powerupz (multiple layerz). This Gruntz Page!!!
Guenter, Snower, etc, etc: Custom Levelz with Logicz and Graphicz that all worked; timing of StaticHazardz; what to do (and in some casez, even what not to do). Every Gruntz level I have ever played had thingz I liked, and thingz I hated (to solve, anyway ;^) … like Wingz pushing Gruntz to specific placez.
Mad lady: Distribution via her Address Book.
Everyone who has contributed Custom Levelz: Adding to my personal enjoyment of Gruntz; proving (to me) that the Gruntz Editor can be used, even without the existence of a "cook book" approach to the various featurez of the editor.
Monolith: Making this great game engine available commercially; releasing the Gruntz Editor to the public.
Whoever: Actually designed and implemented a great (!!!) puzzle game.
My Wife (Mary Lou): Who actually bought the game in the first place (and lets me play it ;^).