You will need to put Gruntz on eight Purple Multi-Grunt Switchez (PMGS), located in four different roomz surrounding the King's Fortress.

Access to each of these roomz is blocked by Black Pyramidz (BP).

Your task is to find the Black One-Time Switchez (BOTS) that will lower these BPz , and step on them.

The solution of this puzzle is semi-linear. That is, there is no clear-cut approach to its solution.
It is not imperative that B follows A, nor is Z necessarily the end of the game.
So the walkthrough of this Custom Gruntz Level is by area, and need not be taken in any particular sequence.
Except (as always in a Gruntz puzzle), there may well be certain requirements in order to enter or leave a puzzle segment;
so it is up to you (the solver) to determine whether you have (or may acquire within the area)
what you need to complete an area.