Author: "Gaby" [email protected]

Name: Gaby Bergman
Occupation: Retired teacher, handicraftz (17 yearz) and computer (18 yearz)
Co-Administrator of "GooRoo's Gruntz Forum"
Aliases: Gaby
Hobbies: (in no particular order)
  • computer gamez (adventurez)
  • drawing
  • crochet
  • jigsaw puzzlez
  • Dabbler in the game of Gruntz
Family: husband Peretz, and two married daughterz
  • Gili my eldest, is a handicapped jeweler; married to Simeon a handicapped painter (artist)
  • Liraz my second, is a former theater artist now a Reiki master and Swedish masseur; married to Raviv a former computer animator (another artist)
    • grandson Ofek
    • grandson Eden
The meaning of the namez:
Eden in Hebrew means "garden"
Gili in Hebrew means "my joy"
Liraz in Hebrew means "my secret"
Ofek in Hebrew means "horizon"
Peretz is from the Bible (son of Judah and Tamar ... Genesis 38 "Pharez" means "breach")
Simeon is from the Bible (son of Jakob and Leah ... Genesis 29:33, one of the 12 tribez, means "He has heard")
Raviv in Hebrew means "a drop of rain"
Pets: still mourning for my dog