Grimley's Island
Custom Level and Walk-through by Oldone

This is a very linear level, so you do not have to think very hard about what order to do thingz.

Grunt(z) What the Grunt(z) must do in order to proceed
Bare-handed #1 Do you see anything flashing nearby? Could it be valuable? Pick up the shovel (Tool #1)!
Shovel #1 Start digging up Moundz and refilling Holez .
Pick up whatever you find and go through the Blue Wormhole (BW).
You will find lots of Moundz here, so go to work and when you are sure that you have done all the Moundz , pick up the next tool (Tool #2).
Gauntletz #1 Get busy on those Rockz .
Cross the bridge and let the native shoot you over the arrowz.
Help the rolling rock through the arrowz to the Black One-Time Switchez and head up to the spikez .
Do not forget to clean up those rockz. Check the resourcez and get the Springz (Tool #3).
Springz #1 Turn the nativez into goo , stand on the Yellow Hold Switch (YHS) for a moment, to eliminate most of the Rolling Rockz, and make your way through the RR. You can either continue to use the Springz, or maybe you lost them already. In either case, head for the GooberStraw (Tool #4).
GooberStraw #1 Turn the next native into goo also. Then suck up their remainz , and the remainz of another poor unfortune and create a friend.'
Bare-handed #2
GooberStraw #1
One at a time, both cross the "Bad Water" pool on Crumble Bridge Stonez .
Both cross the next bridge. One activatez the Silver Timer Switch (STS) and goes through the Silver Pyramidz (SP) and stands on the Red Hold Switch (RHS), lowering the Red Pyramidz , for the other grunt to follow.
One by one, both Gruntz go through the next set of SPz z.
Put GooberStraw on the RHS , give barehand the piece of wood from resourcez and send him through the Red Pyramidz .
Look for something interesting and when you are through stand on the Green Hold Switch (GHS) so your buddy can make his way through the Green Pyramidz (GP).
Both of you go over the next bridge and "gang up" to get rid of the enemy Grunt .
One of you pickz up the Tool in the Goo Puddle . (Does not count on the Statz Page.)
Gauntletz #1 Break the Giant Rock

exposing what was under it ... the thing in the middle

, make use of the contentz and stand on the CheckPoint Switchez .
Send Gauntletz to break down some wallz (careful! some have some deadly 'toppingz' ) and get the Warpstone piece and deliver it to the King.
Congratulations! You have a PERFECT!