No. X Y Callz for Where you may acquire them
1 5 3 Shovel Found in plain sight on the island in the northwest corner of the map.
2 31 2 Gauntletz Found in plain sight surrounded by (lowered) CheckPoint Pyramidz (CPP).
3 4 20 Time Bombz Within a cupcake under the Giant Cupcake

which is revealed when the big one is broken.

4 25 18 Springz Found in a Cupcake on the island surrounded by Explosive Brickz.
5 38 10 Shovel Found in plain sight on the Landing Dock of the island in the northeast corner of the map.
Note: It does not matter which Megaphone you acquire and use first!
In this Custom Level, it is very possible) to use them other than in the intended sequence.
If you find that you have failed to pick up and use a Megaphone, you will have to go back to a previous SAVE (hopefully not all the way back to the beginning) and keep the keeper of the GruntzMachine (Resourcez) on his toez!