Gruntz ... this is Grunt #1

X Y Originally is What the Grunt acquirez, task(z) performed, last task
6 6 Bare-handed The Designer put him there. He pickz up the Gauntletz nearby.
He breakz some Sugar Cubez and revealz a Toob , and takez it.
He paddlez out to use a Megaphone , and collectz two Coinz in the pool.
He takez Wingz from the GruntMachine and fliez south.
As the Wingz fall off, he pickz up a Shield .
Protected, he turnz an enemy Grunt standing on a Purple Multi-Grunt Switch (PMGS) into Goo , and a nearby Purple Pyramid (PP) is lowered .
He pickz up a Spinning Wheel and runz past six enemy Gruntz .
He pickz up the Gauntletz .
He breakz some Sugar Cubez , collectz a Coin and revealz a Shovel , and takez it. Usez it to finish off (two or) three enemy Gruntz .
Digz up six Moundz , revealing six Coinz hovering over the Holez , so he fillz them in and takez the loot.
Fillz in the Hole between two Arrowz to see what happenz.
Pickz up a wedge of cheese and stepz on an Arrow , then grabz some Rockz atop a Black One-Time Switch (BOTS).
Throwz three missilez at the enemy Grunt ahead of him ... and survivez!
Seemz he is stuck here, barring unforeseen eventz.
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