Walkthrough (Normal mode only)

Grunt Description of what to do
Sword You will immediately be attacked by an enemy Grunt . Fight back!
Thirsty? A bit bruised? Chug-a-lug a bottle of Zap Cola!
There are two other enemy Gruntz nearby ... one you must fight, the other you should fight.
Thirsty? A bit bruised? Chug-a-lug a bottle of Zap Cola!
Use your nimble fingerz to cross the 140+ Toggling Bridge Tilez to the Landing Dock where you don Reactive Armor (Powerup #1).
Eliminate one or two enemy Gruntz stationed to prevent you from passing through the gate.
Heal those minor cutz with a Keg of Zap Cola .
Pick up the fancy cap (Tool #1).
GunHat There are fourteen enemy Gruntz in the gully south of you ... thirteen cannot fight back ... one won't fight unless attacked. They are all standing on Blue Hold Switchez , depressing fourteen Bridge Tilez east of you. I hope your bandolier holdz at least twenty-five cannon ballz, because that is what you will need to cross the Bridge!
One shot will take out three at once, one requirez four shotz, and
the other ten require two shotz each.
Once the Bridge is complete. you have to pick up the Rockz (Tool #2).
Rockz There are two enemy Gruntz who like thingz hot guarding the Bridge.
No need to fight them ... just don't get burned!
Pick up the Wingz (Tool #3).
Wingz Fly to the Landing Dock next to the Question Mark Switch , and blow away your opposition , while maintaining a firm toe-hold ... you don't want to be moved!
Have you SAVEd recently? When you pick up the Spy Gear (Tool #4), thingz change!
Spy Gear Crumbling Bridge Tilez begin appearing, one-by-one ... nineteen, in all (nimble fingers?).
As fast as you are, you will probably still get whacked (once) by the pacing Grunt while you are pilfering the Warp letter , so quickly dive through the Blue Wormhole (BW).
Wingz What's this?!? Thought you got those before, didn't you? (You did ... regenerating.)
Fly south to the Landing Dock, and pick up some 'heat' (Tool #5 ... Wingz didn't count ... again).
Welder You may have been followed ... no problem, as long you don't get blown overboard.
You can generate some heat, or just let him find his own .
There are four enemy Gruntz lobbing lead at you, while standing on four Green Hold Switchez , each raising certain Green Pyramidz .
Eliminate three of them, and there is a path to the Black One-Time Switch
Step on the BOTS to lower the Black Pyramidz surrounding the BW .
You come back to earth ... right where you entered the game in the first place!
But now the Black Pyramidz surrounding the out-of-place Arrow are lowered .
Wonder what that is all about? Well ... check it out! "Didn't see that before!"
You land on the Warpstone piece .
Warpstone When you pick up the Warpstone piece , you just need to take one step into the King’s Fortress.