(by Bjarni Cool)

Pick up the Rock (Tool #1) and use to turn the enemy grunt into a Goo Puddle . Use hit-and-run tacticz!
Now you may cross the Bridge and pick up the GooberStraw (Tool #2) and use to turn the next enemy grunt into a Goo Puddle .
If your interest is to solve in the quickest time, try NOT to let him fall into the Lava via the Toggling Bridge or kill him while he is standing on another Goo Puddle ... or get smushed by bird Poo.
(If that happenz, you will have to re-cross the Bridge and get the Goo Puddle left behind by the first enemy grunt, since you would be one Goo Puddle short, with only the three you can see in the area.)
There is no sense in going back for that Goo, since you will never be able to bake more than one more grunt, so you shouldn't waste time sucking up the Goo Puddle from the next enemy grunt either.

Enter the third grunt into the puzzle on the GruntCreationPad .
He pickz up the Springz (Tool #3), stepz on the Blue Toggle Switch and crossez the
partial Bridge and removez the enemy grunt standing on the Blue Hold Switch ,
raising the rest of the Bridge .
The Bottle of Zap Cola is useless, since (if both gruntz have survived anyway) their participation is almost over.
Springz grunt standz on one of the Purple Multi-Grunt Switchez (PMGS).
GooberStraw grunt takez the other PMGS .

With the Purple Pyramidz now lowered , Toob grunt goez to the Landing Dock .
"Now how am I supposed to get through this?"
You lose the Toob on the southern Landing Dock , and swallow the Keg of Zap Cola , then pick up the 'butter knife' (Tool #4).
Once again, if your interest is in solving the puzzle quickly, do not bother killing the next enemy grunt with your sword ... he realizez he is overmatched, and will leave you alone!
You should be able to dispose of the next two enemy gruntz with no reduction to your own health.
Kill the next two enemy gruntz any way you can (again, you have no use for their Goo),
but the third enemy grunt has something you need, so take it from his quivering Gooey fingerz and go to the CheckPoint Switch .

Stretch out a bit, and eliminate the four enemy gruntz (painlessly, to you!)
Take the Spy Gear (Tool #5) and Invisibility powerup (Powerup #1) ... which are only necessary for a "PERFECT! score ... but donīt take the Warpstone yet.
There is something special around here!
Find it, and you may be able to acquire something you see elsewhere on the map.
Now pick up the Warpstone and take it to the King's Fortress.