Paul: "A World of Sweetz"; Covered Powerupz (multiple layerz). His Gruntz Page!!!
Guenter, Snower,
etc, etc:
Custom Levelz with Logicz and Graphicz that all worked; timing of StaticHazardz; what to do (and in some casez, even what not to do). Every Gruntz level I have ever played had thingz I liked, and thingz I hated (to solve, anyway ;^) … like Wingz pushing Gruntz to specific placez.
Mad lady:
Distribution of Custom Level to Gruntz Fanz.
who has contributed
Custom Levelz:
Adding to my personal enjoyment of Gruntz; proving (to me) that the Gruntz Editor can be used, even without the existence of a “cook book” approach to the various featurez of the editor.
Monolith: Making this great game engine available commercially; releasing the Gruntz Editor to the public.
Whoever: Actually designed and implemented a great (!!!) puzzle game.