WayPoint (Battlez only)
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Logic: WayPoint
Smarts: 0 Player 1 waypoint (Battlez only).
1 Player 2 waypoint (Battlez only).
2 Player 3 waypoint (Battlez only).
3 Player 4 waypoint (Battlez only).
Note: Gruntz will attack any other Grunt with a different team number!
The WayPoint logic is used to help the "Computer Controlled Opponents" (Battlez) to navigate toward an enemy fort.
When "WayPoints" are placed near a fort, the enemy "Computer Controlled Opponents" will randomly pick a WayPoint to go to and from there the Grunt will find the shortest path to the enemy's fortress.

Important! It is important to understand that "Computer Controlled Opponents" will not go from waypoint to waypoint.
An enemy Grunt will use ONLY one WayPoint and from there the Grunt will go directly to the enemy fort. The best
method for placing WayPoints is to place them outside of the outer perimenter of Brickz that are protecting the fortress.
Also, you have to make sure you place WayPoints on tiles that are "walkable" and are not covered with another object. If
"Computer Controlled Opponents" are not leaving their GruntCreationPoints, then it usually means that you have placed
some WayPoints in bad or inaccessible locations.