The SpotLight is a hazard used in Area 5 - High Rollerz.

The SpotLight is limitted to travelling in a circle with the radius of the circle being specified by the Smarts: field.
The center of the circular path is specified by the original position of the logic.

Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: SpotLight
Smarts: 0 the radius of the circular path in number of Tilez.
4 would be a radius of 4 Tilez.
Damage: 0 (default) speed of the SpotLight.
The time in milliseconds it takes the SpotLight to do one full rotation.
5000 means the SpotLight will take 5 seconds to complete a full revolution.
Direction: 0 the SpotLight will spin counterclockwise.
1 the SpotLight will spin clockwise.
Note: If the SpotLight catchez a Grunt, it will stop over him for about 15 secondz