The RainCloud object is a hazard used in Area 7 - The Miniature Masterz.

To place a RainCloud, put the logic on a Tile that is its starting WayPoint.
Then, using the Rects.. fields, specify the X and Y tile coordinates for each successive WayPoint.

Note: to find the tile coordinates of a particular Tile, go into Tile mode and click on a Tile; displayed in the bottom right of the screen will be the tile coordinates of the selected Tile.

Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: RainCloud
Speed: 0 (default) speed of the RainCloud in milliseconds.
600 in this field would cause the RainCloud to move at the average walking speed of a Grunt.
'Speed' is the amount of time it takes for an object to travel the distance of one Tile in any direction.
Damage: 0 the time in milliseconds that the RainCloud stops and waits at each WayPoint.
1000 in this field would cause the RainCloud to stop for one second.
Click on the Rects.. button and fill in at least one pair of X,Y coordinates.

Object Rectangles Dialog Box
Click on the link to see the use of the Rects.. fieldz.