Object Dropper

This ObjectDropper is a generic logic that is assigned to the bird in Area 3 - Trouble In The Tropicz, and to the airplane in Area 4 - High On Sweetz.

The ObjectDropper is limitted to flying in one direction only.

To place an ObjectDropper, simply place the logic in the path you would like it to travel, and pick the appropriate image that is pointed in the direction you would like it to travel.
The ObjectDropper will alwayz be centered on the X axis Tile for north/south flierz, and on the Y axis Tile for east/west flierz ... and their 'droppingz' reach one Tile to each side (flight path is three Tilez wide).
It takez a little over a second for a 'dropping' to hit ... you! (So move!)

Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: ObjectDropper
Image Set:
LEVEL_OBJECTDROPPER_ + EAST Object fliez toward the east
or NORTH Object fliez toward the north
or SOUTH Object fliez toward the south
or WEST Object fliez toward the west
Speed: 0 (default) speed of the ObjectDropper in milliseconds.
(Default value is 1 Tile in 1 second, so (in this case) 0 = 1000.)
600 would be the average walking speed of a Grunt.
Speed is the amount of time it takes for an object to travel the distance of one Tile in any direction.