Alphabetical InGameIcon List

Keyword Icon Description
POWERUPZ_COIN ..Coin (counted prize)
POWERUPZ_CONVERSION ..Conversion of enemy disGruntled to friendly Gruntz.
Just like Bill Gatez did with Amiga programmerz.
POWERUPZ_DEATHTOUCH ..Touch of Death ... (oh my god they killed Kenny!)
POWERUPZ_GHOST ..Invisibility ... a bit like the Romulan cloaking device.
POWERUPZ_HEALTH1 ..Can of Zap Cola (25% health)
POWERUPZ_HEALTH2 ..Bottle of Zap Cola (50% health)
POWERUPZ_HEALTH3 ..Keg of Zap Cola (100% health)
(Like making a quick visit to Taco Bell.)
POWERUPZ_INVULNERABILTY ..Invulnerability ... survive enemy attack (even some explosionz!) just like the highlander.
POWERUPZ_MEGAPHONEZ ..Megaphone ... "call for Philip Morris!" (er, help)
POWERUPZ_MINICAM ..Mini Cam ... give your enemy a little clostrophobia.
POWERUPZ_RANDOMCOLORZ ..Curse the enemy with Random Colorz like Picasso used.(distracting!)
POWERUPZ_REACTIVEARMOR ..Reactive Armor ... get some plus five magical plate.
POWERUPZ_ROIDZ ..Roidz ... need a quick lift? Try Creatine.
POWERUPZ_SCREENSHAKE ..Curse the enemy with a seizure. (hard to do thingz)
POWERUPZ_STOPWATCH ..Stopwatch add 1 minute in timed Custom Levelz
POWERUPZ_SUPERSPEED ..Superspeed ... Road Runner has nothing on you! (meep meep)
SECRETA ..Warp letter A
SECRETP ..Warp letter P
SECRETR ..Warp letter R
SECRETW ..Warp letter W
TOOLZ_BOMBZ ..Bomb ... make a kamikaze run at your own risk.
TOOLZ_BOOMERANGZ ..Boomerang ... remote control destruction!
TOOLZ_BRICKZ ..Brickz ... do a little home improvement?
TOOLZ_CLUBZ ..Club ... "Captain Caveman!" (unga bunga)
TOOLZ_GAUNTLETZ ..Gauntletz ... better than brass knucklez.
TOOLZ_GLOVEZ ..(Boxing) Glovez ... see if you can score a punch out.
TOOLZ_GOOBERZ ..Goober(Straw) ... (real men dont use strawz.)
TOOLZ_GRAVITYBOOTZ ..Gravity Bootz ... protect your feet with these hi topz.
TOOLZ_GUNHATZ ..GunHat ... feel just like hard hat mack!
TOOLZ_NERFGUNZ ..(Nerf) Gun ... aka Sponge Gun ... minor fire power.
TOOLZ_ROCKZ ..Rock ... rock on!
TOOLZ_SHIELDZ ..Shield ... hide behind it like a trojan.
TOOLZ_SHOVELZ ..Shovel ... have a little fun in the barn.
TOOLZ_SPRINGZ ..Springz ... like Slinky, but a bit more kinetic.
TOOLZ_SPYZ ..Spy Gear ... peer into anyone's x filez.
TOOLZ_SWORDZ ..Sword ... a little piracy? (arrrrrrr!)
TOOLZ_TIMEBOMBZ ..Time Bomb ... thingz go BOOM with these plastiquez.
TOOLZ_TOOBZ ..Toob ... fun in a small quackage (er, package).
TOOLZ_WANDZ ..(Magic) Wand ... Fill in "Face Dir:" for the Spell to be cast.
TOOLZ_WARPSTONEZ1 ..Warpstone piece #1 (northwest) ... animated
TOOLZ_WARPSTONEZ2 ..Warpstone piece #2 (northeast) ... animated
TOOLZ_WARPSTONEZ3 ..Warpstone piece #3 (southeast) ... animated
TOOLZ_WARPSTONEZ4 ..Warpstone piece #4 (southwest) ... animated
TOOLZ_WELDERZ ..Welder's Kit ... Achtung! A little vasflam, please.
TOOLZ_WINGZ ..Wingz ... no fear of flying allowed!
TOYZ_BABYWALKERZ ..Baby Walker ... how humiliating! (Got some Gerbers?)
TOYZ_BEACHBALLZ ..Beach Ball ... yep, this is really the ball.
TOYZ_BIGWHEELZ ..Monster Wheel ... feel like doing some wheeliez?
TOYZ_GOKARTZ ..Go-Kart ... try to enter the Malibu Grand Prix.
TOYZ_JACKINTHEBOXZ ..Jack-In-The-Box ... the place for an ultimate cheeseburger.
TOYZ_JUMPROPEZ ..Jumprope ... to help you get in shape.
TOYZ_POGOSTICKZ ..Pogo-Stick ... boingee, boingee.
TOYZ_SCROLLZ ..Scroll ... givez you some magic paper.
Fill in "Face Dir:" for the Spell to be cast.
TOYZ_SQUEAKTOYZ ..Squeak Toy ... for when you feel a little mousey.
TOYZ_YOYOZ ..Yo-Yo ... this is a really lame toy!