GuardPoint (Battlez only)
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Logic: GuardPoint
Smarts: 0 Player 1 guardpoint (Battlez only).
1 Player 2 guardpoint (Battlez only).
2 Player 3 guardpoint (Battlez only).
3 Player 4 guardpoint (Battlez only).
Note: Gruntz will attack any other Grunt with a different team number!
The GuardPoint logic is used to help the "Computer Controlled Opponents" (Battlez) to defend their fort when it is being
attacked. When a "GuardPoint" is placed near on a tile, the logic will detect if an the enemy grunt walks within a 1 tile radius
of the GuardPoint and will send nearby Gruntz to attack the enemy Grunt who "triggered" the GuardPoint. I typically used
GuardPoints around the outer perimeter of Brickz protecting each fort. Important! When placing GuardPoints within the
protective perimeter of the fort, the computer controlled enemy who controls that fort will break its own Brickz if they are in
the way of getting to the Grunt who triggered the GuardPoint. This may or may not be what you want. It's up to you.