Fortress Flag

This game logic is primarily used to place fortress flags to mark a player's fortress.
Fortress flags aren't really required, but they look cool.

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Logic: FortressFlag
Image Set:
GAME_FORTRESSFLAGZ_ NAPOLEAN Questz; Battlez - Player 2 Fortress Flag
PATTON Questz; Battlez - Player 3 Fortress Flag
VIKING Questz; Battlez - Player 4 Fortress Flag
KING Questz - King's Fortress (Standard Flag)
Smarts: 0 - Player 1 fortress flag (Battlez and Questz)
1 - Player 2 fortress flag (Battlez only)
2 - Player 3 fortress flag (Battlez only)
3 - Player 4 fortress flag (Battlez only)