Walkthrough by Oldone


1          Three gruntz start in the star of the tree. The top middle one goes through the silver pyramidz then makes his way down the tree picking up the coinz and the gauntletz along the way. He goes through a red warp and then give the toy to the enemy gauntletz. He continues to the brickz. Break the first one and the one to the left of that. Stay there and rest.


2           Another grunt comes down through the tree and gets the spy gear. Join Gauntletz and help him through the brickz. Wait to step on the yellow toggle switch until the last grunt has come through the tree.


3           The third grunt comes down the tree and picks up the springz. He jumps on the last red switch to make sure the red pyramidz in the bottom section are down and then goes through the garland killing the enemiez and picking up the last of the coinz. He goes through the blue warp. Now he can replenish his health. Pick up the coinz under the iglooz and go through the bottom of the stocking. At each rest stop, watch the enemy toobz carefully. Do not proceed until they are at least one tile away from the bridge or else you will attract their attention and will have to fight. This is a bad thing, as you will probably die. Finally go through the top of the stocking and wait by the blue warp. That toy box looks very pretty, but again, it’s a bad thing.


4           Gauntletz and Spy and now step on the YTS and proceed through the orange pyramidz to the left side of the tree. Spy gets the shovelz. When all the work is done and they each have a toy, continue through the OP. When you’re both through, give a toy to the enemy clubz and then together you can turn him into a lovely puddle of goo. Gauntletz breaks the rockz in the south and gets the “A”. Shovels goes around to the package with the red bow. Don’t get too close so you won’t attract the enemy.


5           Shovelz now digs the holez in the bow and then goes into the package. Stand on the top mound on the right and get your toy ready. When the pyramidz in the center go down, step down one tile and give the toy to the enemy. Now continue to dig up the goodiez. Go out to the ornament’s hook and go through the blue warp. Whoa! You could get dizzy watching these ballz. Dig all the moundz but only pick up the coinz and letter. Carefully step on the red and green switch and then the arrowz to the silver switch where you dig the last mound. Get the Warpstone and come back. Watching those ballz carefully, walk up to the green and then the orange switch. Go to your checkpoint switch.

6           Now bring the otherz through the warpz, pick up the toyz, and stand on the other CPS. Jack-in-the-box helps to pick up the last coinz, and Warpstone goes to the King. Congratulations!!! You got the Perfect!!


             Survivorz:         3                        Coinz:               80

             Toolz:               4                        Secrets:             2

             Toyz:                5