The UFO object is a hazard used in Area 8 - Gruntz In Space.

To place a UFO, first position the UFO on a Tile that is its starting WayPoint.

Then, using the Rects.. fields, specify the X and Y tile coordinates for each successive WayPoint.

Note: to find the tile coordinates of a particular Tile, go into Tile mode and click on a Tile; displayed in the bottom right of the screen will be the tile coordinates of the selected Tile.

Edit Objects Dialog Box

Logic: UFO
Image Set: LEVEL_UFO
Speed: 0 (default) speed of the UFO in milliseconds.
Speed is defined as the amount of time it takes for an object to travel the distance of one Tile in any direction.
Damage: 0 the time in milliseconds that the UFO stops and waits at each WayPoint.
1000 in this field would cause the UFO to stop for one second.
Face Dir: 0 (default 1000, = 1 second)
the time in milliseconds that the UFO rotatez, as 1500 for once every one and a half secondz.
Direction: 0 the UFO will spin counterclockwise.
1 the UFO will spin clockwise (maybe ... it workz for SpotLights).
Click on the Rects.. button and fill in at least one pair of X,Y coordinates.

Object Rectangles Dialog Box