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Smarts: 33???
ID Text of Help Box (Usable ID numberz are Orange)
33032 Welcome to the Gruntz training levels! Select a Grunt by left-clicking on him, and then move him by right-clicking where you want to go.
33033 Now go across the bridge, don't worry, Gruntz will not walk into water.
33034 To progress past the checkered pyramidz and raise the checkered flag, a Grunt must stand on the pressure plate.
33035 The object of each level is to find the warpstone piece and take it into the fort where the King is patiently waiting. If you forget it, or lose it, you will not be able to progress to the next level.
33036 This level will teach you how to use toolz. If you look a bit to the north you will see a pair of gauntletz. Go get them. Don't forget to select you Grunt by left-clicking on him first though!
33037 Your mouse cursor will change when you can use a tool. To use the gauntletz, just move the mouse over something that looks breakable and left-click on it. Hint - try rockz!
33038 You need two Gruntz, one on each pressure plate, to move on. Suck up all the goo puddlez and create a new Grunt from the Gruntz page on the status bar. Let's see some teamwork here!
33039 Gruntz can walk on spikez, but they will lose some health. The longer Gruntz stand on the spikez, the more health they will lose, so try to avoid spikez whenever possible!
33040 With goober strawz, Gruntz can attack enemy Gruntz and suck up goo puddlez. To use the goober straw to suck up a goo puddle, just left-click on a goo puddle.
33041 When one of your Gruntz sucks up a puddle of goo, the goo will appear in your goo well. To see the well, click on the status bar tab with the small grunt head on it.
33042 When your goo well is full, a new grunt will bake in one of your empty grunt ovens. You can create a new Grunt by left-clicking on a fully baked grunt oven and dropping him on a flashing pad! Beware - when a grunt is dropped onto a pad, he will squash anyone that is standing on that pad!
33043 If you ever get stuck or make a mistake and cannot finish the level, you can press the red destruct button on the game tab on the status bar. All of your Gruntz will blow up and you can try the level again.
33044 This level will teach you about combat basicz and toyz. First go pick up the megaphone.
33045 Whenever a Grunt picks up a megaphone, a new item will come down from your grunt machine. You can then give this item to any of your Gruntz. To see the grunt machine, click on the status bar tab with the small shovel on it.
33046 Underneath that rock below is a squeak toy! Toyz distract Gruntz. If you haven't already done so, give your Grunt the gauntletz from the resource tab and then go break the rock. You will need this toy to get past the next enemy Grunt. He has a big club so be sure not to attack him!
33047 If you right-click on your Grunt, you will see his action optionz. The action optionz show what tool and toy a Grunt is carrying. To close the action optionz box, just left-click anywhere outside of the box.
33048 This level will teach you about switchez, pyramidz, and puzzlez.
33049 A curved arrow on a switch means that it's a toggle switch. This green toggle switch will toggle the green pyramidz up or down each time a Grunt steps on it. Step on and off of it a few times to see how it works.
33050 A straight arrow on a switch means that it's a hold switch. You must keep a Grunt standing on this switch in order to keep the pyramidz down. Step on and off of it a few times to see how it works.
33051 A black once-only switch can only be activated once and does not come back up when a Grunt steps off of it. So look for the black pyramidz that might move before you tell a grunt to step on it.
33052 Purple multigrunt switchez require you to have a Grunt standing on each of them at the same time.
33053 When one orange up-down switch goes down, another one goes up.
33054 Silver timer switchez keep silver pyramidz down for different lengths of time. Press it a few times until you learn the timing of the silver pyramidz. Be careful not to let the pyramidz come up onto a Grunt or he will be killed!
33055 When a Grunt walks onto an arrow, he will only walk in the direction that the arrow is pointing. Yellow switchez change the direction of the two-directional arrowz.
33056 Be careful not to let Gruntz on arrows trample other Gruntz. . .they will squash them!
33057 Remember that if you get stuck or make a mistake and cannot finish the level, you can press the red destruct button on the game tab on the status bar and try again.
33058 You can attack an enemy Grunt by right-clicking on him. You only need to right-click one time to fight. After that, your Grunt will automatically keep fighting for you. To insure victory, be sure to give your Grunt the gauntletz from the Grunt machine before you attack.
33059 Gruntz love Zap Cola! A can of Zap Cola will give a Grunt a little health, a 2 liter bottle of Zap Cola will give a Grunt more health, and a keg of Zap Cola will give a Grunt full health!
33060 To see more of the map, move your cursor all the way to one of the four edges of your monitor or use the arrow keys.
33061 Remember, never right-click on holez or your Grunt will walk into them and die! You can fill holez by using the shovel and left-clicking on them.
33062 You have successfully completed the training levels and acquired all 4 warpstone pieces in the training areas. You are now ready to advance to Rocky Roadz.
33063 Don't ever right-click on holez or your Grunt will walk into them and die. If you have shovelz, you can left-click to fill in holez, or to dig out moundz. To see how shovelz work, try using the shovel on the dirt mound to the left, and on the hole to the right.
Game engine text, numberz are in Red
33064 Click a mouse button or press any key to continue. . . .
33065 Times up!
33066 Mission succeeded!
33067 Mission failed!
33068 Game paused
33069 The small gauntletz icon on the pressure plate on your left means that only a Grunt with gauntletz can activate it.
33070 These bookz contain valuable information that will help you learn about Gruntz. Be sure to read them all! If you ever want to see the information again, just have a Grunt walk onto the book again.
33071 Practice using your squeak toy a few times by right-clicking on your Grunt to bring up the action optionz, left-clicking on the squeak toy icon, and then left-clicking on the ground nearby. Your Grunt will place the toy down inside a toy box. Just pick up the toy box to get the toy back.
33088 There's no telling what will happen when you step on a secret switch. But you'll have to hurry because you only have a certain amount of time before the effectz wear off!
33089 Remember, if you have a toy, you can use it to get past an enemy Grunt without fighting him! You can either fight the enemy Grunt below, or you can distract him with your beach ball and then sneak past him.
33091 Dirt moundz are just like rockz, you never know what may be underneath them! If you find an item under a dirt mound, be sure to fill in the hole before you pick it up!
33093 Always look ahead to the next set of pressure platez to see what toolz or toyz you will need to move on. If you look below, you will see that you need both a gauntletz Grunt and a shovelz Grunt.
33095 Beware of the rolling boulderz of doooom! Muahahahah. . . (Cough) (Wheeze) (Hack) (Ahem) Sorry. . .just watch out for the rolling rockz, ok?
33096 Remember that each time a Grunt picks up a megaphone, a new item will come down from your Grunt machine! Don't forget to see what it is!
33097 Unable to load the voice resource file.
Namez of the 'Standard' Levelz
Rocky Roadz
33143 The Giant Rock
33144 Holy Shovelz!
33145 Gruntz, start your enginez
33146 I get by with a little help from my friendz
33147 Spyz Like Us
33148 Brick Layers have all the fun
33149 The Grunt that was left behind
33150 I want a rock right now!
Trouble In The Tropicz
33151 Toobin it
33152 La la la la la Bomba
33153 Now who put that warpstone piece there?!
33154 Guardz! There's a thief on the premisez!
High On Sweetz
33155 Just wing it
33156 Candlez and cupcakez and bombz, oh my!
33157 You take the high road and I'll take the low
33158 The intersection
High Rollerz
33159 Swordz akimbo
33160 I've always wanted to be a welder
33161 Back from the dead and into the pool
33162 Keep your eye on the ball
Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz!
33163 You should never play near electrical outletz!
33164 Pay no attention to the Grunt with the shield
33165 The big split up
33166 With four Gruntz, you can take on the world!
The Miniature Masterz
33167 Come back with a friend
33168 Save that squeak toy!
33169 Golf anyone?
33170 Where's my buddy?
Gruntz In Space
33171 Use those sponge gunz!
33172 Would you like some holez to go with that?
33173 Could someone get those purple switchez for me?
33174 The final battle
'Training Levelz
33175 Basic controlz
33176 Toolz and toyz
33177 Combat exercisez
33178 Pyramidz, bridgez, and switchez
33179 Loading. . .
33180 Multiplayer level
33181 Custom multiplayer level
33182 Battlez level
33183 Custom battlez level
33184 Custom quest level
33185 Quest level
33186 Training stage 1
33187 Training stage 2
33188 Training stage 3
33189 Training stage 4
33190 Saving. . .
33191 Quicksaving. . .
33192 Quickloading. . .
33193 Please wait. . .
33194 Since you have cheated, you may not save your game.
33195 Training
33196 Secret level
33197 ? ? ? ? ?
33198 Rocky Roadz
33199 Gruntziclez
33200 Trouble in the tropicz
33201 High on Sweetz
33202 High Rollerz
33203 Honey, I shrunk the Gruntz!
33204 The Miniature Masterz
33205 Gruntz in Space
33240 Blue switchez are exactly like green switchez except that green switchez always control green pyramidz, and blue switchez always control bridgez. So when you see a blue switch, look around for the bridgez that it might control!
33241 The brown and colored squares ahead are brickz! Brickz break from top to bottom. Brown brickz can safely be broken with a pair of gauntletz, gold brickz cannot be broken with gauntletz, and red brickz will destroy your gauntletz when you break them.
33242 Be careful when breaking rockz because sometimes there are exploding timebombz inside! What should you do if you find one? (Run)
33243 Caution - brown brickz might actually be colored brickz that you just can't see! Only a Grunt with spy gear can see these special brickz. Be sure to spy all of the brickz before you break them! To use spy gear, move the mouse over something that you want to spy and left-click on it.
33244 When you give a go-kart to an enemy Grunt, he will ride around the map randomly until the go-kart breaks. The next enemy you will encounter has a club. Since clubz are stronger than gauntletz and shovelz, you will need to use the go-kart in order to get past him.
33245 Icons with red sparklez circling around them are powerupz! Powerupz take effect immediately and wear off after a certain amount of time. A spinning gravestone is an invisibility powerup. An invisible Grunt cannot be seen by enemy Gruntz. Once you get it, sneak past those enemiez!
33246 The silver squarez you see ahead are brickz padz. A Grunt with brick laying toolz can build brickz on top of brick padz! You cannot get those gauntletz until you destroy the rolling ballz. Hint - one of your Gruntz will need to go around and get the brick laying tool on the other side!
33247 Sometimes you have to leave Gruntz behind in order to move forward in the level. Don't worry, as long as you get the warpstone piece to the fort, all of your Gruntz will be saved.
33248 A spinning wheel is a superspeed powerup. Since it only lasts for a limited time, you might want to think about where you're going to go before you pick up a superspeed powerup.
33249 Did you know that you can select multiple Gruntz by clicking the left mouse button somewhere, holding the button down, and drawing a rectangle around the Gruntz that you want to select? You did? Hey, have you played this game before?
33250 Did you know that some toyz last longer than other toyz before they break? You did? Well did you know that beach ballz last longer than jack-in-the-boxz? Really? Wow! Where are you getting your information from?
33251 A toobz Grunt can go in and out of water as long as he has his toob! Be careful - if a toobz Grunt walks over spikez on the ground or big silver toob spikez, he will lose his toob!
33252 A spinning suit of armor is a reactive armor powerup. If a Grunt gets attacked while he has a reactive armor powerup, then the attacker will take 75 percent of the damage!
33253 Did you know that in addition to a secret teleporter, there is also a secret switch on every level? As the levels progress, secret switchez and secret teleporterz will become much more difficult to find.!
33254 To use bombz, right-click on your bombz Grunt, select the bomb icon, and then left-click where you want to go. Your bombz Grunt will run to that location and explode so be sure to make it count! Hint - do it from where you are standing right now!
33255 Whenever a bombz Grunt explodes, any rockz, Gruntz, or brickz that are in the explosion will be destroyed!
33256 Whatever you do, please don't break that giant volcano. Our artists put a lot of effort into making it and they would probably be pretty mad if you broke it. Thanks again for your cooperation. Sincerely, the Gruntz level design team.
33257 A spinning sickle is a death touch powerup. A Grunt with death touch can kill any Grunt with a single touch!
33258 Did you know that whenever a Grunt steps on a red switch, every red pyramid in the entire level moves up or down? Oh, we know you did. We were just uh. . .testing you! Yeah!
33259 Any Grunt that is hit by boxing glovez will get pushed backward.
33260 When you break a black bomb brick, something really cool happens. Heheh . . .(Boss walks in.) “Uh yes sir, we were just informing the player that bomb brickz explode when you break them. No sir, we would never present the player with false information, sir!” (Gulp)
33261 Mmmmmmm! Those cupcakes sure look tasty! But rather than eating them, why don't you try smashing them with your gauntletz instead!
33262 A Grunt with wingz can fly over water, holez, spikez, and any land that would normally cause death. When a wingz Grunt is flying, keep your eye on the grey bar that will appear above the Grunt! When that bar runs out, the wingz will fall off.
33263 A spinning picket sign is a conversion powerup. When your Grunt has conversion, any Grunt that he attacks will become yours to control permanently! Move quickly - a Grunt with conversion will constantly lose health until he dies. Converting any enemy Grunt will give you more health.
33264 A Grunt with shieldz will take half damage from any normal attack and will take no damage at all from bare handz, glovez, or shieldz.
33265 With rockz, Gruntz can attack from long distancez! To throw a rock to a specific location, right-click on your rockz Grunt to bring up his action optionz, select the rockz icon, and then left-click where you want to throw it! You can also attack by simply right-clicking on an enemy.
33266 Did you know that pressing the ‘t' key is a shortcut for right-clicking on a Grunt and selecting his tool and that the ‘y' key is a shortcut for right-clicking on a Grunt and selecting his toy?
33267 Go ahead. Try it without watching it first. We dare ya! (Boss walks in) “Uh hello sir! No sir, we were not trying to mislead the play, sir! We were just telling them to always learn the timing before trying to pass a timed section and to always save their game first!” (Gulp)
33268 A Grunt with boomerangz can hit multiple Gruntz with a single throw, but if you're not careful, you'll hit your own Gruntz with it! When a Grunt throws a boomerang, he must be standing at the same spot that the boomerang was thrown from in order to catch it again.
33269 In addition to attacking enemy Gruntz, a Grunt with springz can jump safely over any single bed of spikez, any single hole, or any one-space gap between bridgez. Be careful - if a springz Grunt jumps directly onto a bed of spikez, the spring will break!
33270 Did you know that teleporterz come in a few different colorz? A green teleporter can be used over and over, a blue teleporter can only be used once, and a red teleporter is a secret teleporter that will only stay open for a certain period of time.
33271 Scrollz are toyz that you can use once to cast a spell! To cast a spell, use the action optionz and left-click on the scroll icon. Once the spell is cast, the scroll will be gone. A white scroll will freeze all enemiez nearby. Frozen Gruntz will shatter if they are hit.
33272 Battlez mode is very different from Quest mode. The object of battlez is to take over all of the enemy fortz before they take over yours. To take over an enemy fort, one of your Gruntz must walk into it! It is strongly recommended that you play the Quest training levelz before playing Battlez.
33273 You will notice that on the Gruntz tab on the status bar, your goo well is constantly filling up with goo. When the well is full, you can create a Grunt by clicking on a Grunt oven and dropping him on one of your flashing padz! Take over enemy fortz to gain control of their flashing padz!
33274 You will notice that on the resource tab on the status bar, you are always getting new toolz, toyz, and brickz. Brickz can only be given to a Grunt with brick laying toolz. Equip your Gruntz with these toolz and toyz by clicking on them and dropping them on your Gruntz!
33275 1869577261
33276 Monolith internal review copy. Do not distribute. We know who you are.
33278 Watch out for the red bomber Gruntz. If one of your Gruntz gets too close, a bomber Grunt will run straight at your Grunt and try to blow him up. To avoid getting blown to bitz, just move your Grunt out of the way once the bomber Grunt starts running!
33279 There can only be one goo puddle per space on the level. If you kill an enemy Grunt on top of a goo puddle, there will only be one puddle left there after he dies! So if you are collecting goo puddlez, be sure not to kill an enemy Grunt if he is already standing on a goo puddle.
33280 Beware of the black tool thief Grunt! If he sees a Grunt with a tool, he will steal it and attack with it and the only way to get it back is to kill him! Hint - if you are forced to cross pathz with a tool thief, be sure to let him steal your weakest tool and then kill him!
33281 When you are ready to distract the enemy Grunt with your squeak toy, use the action optionz to select the squeak toy icon and then left-click on the enemy Grunt rather than on the ground. When he's playing with the toy, quickly sneak past him!
33282 The warpstone display will show you how many warpstone pieces you have acquired. When you acquire all 4 pieces, your Gruntz will be able to advance to the next area. To see the warpstone display, click on the status bar tab with the joystick on it, and look at the top.
33284 Whatever you do, please uh. . .don't um. . .break that giant rock by the warpstone piece. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, the Gruntz level design team.
33285 Did you know that a Grunt can carry one tool and one toy? If a Grunt that has a tool picks up a different tool, he will throw away the first tool and it will be gone forever. Similarly, if a Grunt that has a toy picks up a different toy, the first toy will be gone forever.
33286 Remember to always try to give toolz to your bare-handed Gruntz and to always look ahead in the level to try to figure out which toolz you will need.
33287 The next enemy you will encounter has a sword. Swordz are the strongest short-range toolz in the game. You won't be able to beat a swordz grunt with gauntlets, shovelz, or even clubz, so you will need to use the go-kart in order to get past him.
33288 It is important to know which toolz are stronger than other toolz. Always remember that shovelz are stronger than gauntletz, and clubz are stronger than both shovelz and gauntletz.
33289 If you have a toy, be sure to save it for an enemy Grunt that you cannot defeat by fighting. Since your gauntletz Grunt can easily defeat a brick laying toolz Grunt, be sure to save the jack-in-the-box for the clubz below.
33290 If you recall from the training levelz, when your goo well is full, you can create a new Grunt by left-clicking on a fully baked Grunt oven and dropping him on a flashing pad! To see the Gruntz ovenz, click on the status bar tab with the small grunt head on it.
33291 If you recall from the training levelz, when you want to use a toy on an enemy Grunt, first you need to right-click on your Grunt who has the toy. This will bring up his action optionz. Then you need to left-click on the toy icon to select it, and then left-click on the enemy Grunt.
33292 Somewhere on every level is an invisible secret teleporter trigger. If one of your Gruntz steps on it, a red secret teleporter will open up for a certain amount of time. If you find the secret teleporter, try to get one of your Gruntz into it before it closes.
33293 Gruntz with warpstone piecez can pick up and use toyz, but they will not be able to attack other Gruntz, and they will not be able to pick up toolz.
33294 When you give a monster wheel toy to an enemy Grunt, he will ride around the map randomly until the monster wheel breaks.
33295 Gruntz are extremely dumb creaturez. Besides walking into water, Gruntz will do whatever you tell them. You must be very careful because Gruntz will always take the shortest path to wherever you tell them to go, even if that means walking over a hole, off a bridge, or into a fire pit!
33296 Watch out for bird shadows! If a bird flies over one of your Gruntz, it will drop a large poop on the ground that will squash any Gruntz that are underneath it.
33297 Remember that brown brickz can safely be broken with a pair of gauntletz, gold brickz cannot bebroken with gauntletz, and red brickz will destroy your gauntletz when you break them. So never let a Grunt with gauntletz break a red brick unless he will not need his gauntletz anymore.
33298 Some bridgez will rise up for a certain length of time. These are called toggle bridgez. The only way to get Gruntz past toggle bridgez is to wait for them to rise up and then walk your Gruntz over them before they sink down again.
33299 Before you pick up the warpstone piece, make sure that you have a clear path into the fort. You can use your spy Grunt to figure out which brickz you can break, and then you can use your gauntletz Grunt to break them.
33300 Always try to give toolz to your bare-handed Gruntz. If you find a new tool and all of your Gruntz already have toolz, then give it to one of your Gruntz that has a tool that you don't need anymore. Always look ahead in the level to try to figure out which toolz you will need.
33301 Whenever you have to fight an enemy Grunt with a powerful weapon and none of your Gruntz have toyz, make sure that you attack the enemy Grunt with all of your available Gruntz!
33302 Man, if there were only a switch somewhere that would make the bridge in the center come up. Too bad it's not in plain view. Oops! Uh. . .you didn't hear that from us, okay?
33303 Gruntz can only carry one tool at a time. When your Grunt picks up the goober straw above the rock, he will throw away the gauntletz and they will be gone forever.
33304 Up ahead is a swordz Grunt. Remember that swordz are the most powerful short-range toolz in the game. If only you had a toy to distract him with! Oh wait. . .you probably do have a toy to distract him with. Uh. . .never mind then.
33305 If you recall from the training levelz, you should always press silver timer switchez a few times to learn the timing of the silver pyramidz before you try to get past them. It is also a good idea to save your game before you attempt puzzlez where you might lose Gruntz such as this one.
33306 Whenever a Grunt uses a tool or attacks, he temporarily loses his stamina and a blue stamina bar will appear above his head. The stamina bar indicates how long a Grunt must wait before he regains his strength and can use a tool again. When the bar disappears, he can use his tool again.
33307 When a wingz Grunt attacks, he will shoot tornadoez that can hit multiple Gruntz. Any Grunt hit by a tornado will be knocked in a random direction so be careful not to accidentally hit your own Gruntz! To use wingz to attack, either right-click on an enemy, or use the action optionz.
33308 When in doubt, blow stuff up! Remember that when you tell a bomb Grunt to light his bomb, he will run very fast. Just stand out of the path of the rolling ball, use the action optionz to select the bombz icon, and then go!
33309 Take a look at your Gruntz machine on the status bar. If you see a shovel inside it, that means that there is still a megaphone somewhere on the level that you haven't picked up yet. Hmm. . .now what could you possibly need a shovel for?
33310 You can't take on a goober strawz grunt with your bare handz. You had better make a run for those gauntletz!
33311 Watch out for plane shadowz! If a plane flies over one of your Gruntz, it will drop a large package on the ground that will squash any Gruntz that are underneath it.
33312 Although sponge gunz are the weakest of all the long-range toolz, whenever you hit an enemy Grunt with a sponge gun ball, the enemy Grunt will be pushed backward. Sponge guns work just like all the other long-range toolz. You can fire them to any location that is within range.
33313 Remember, it's always a good idea to save your game before you attempt difficult puzzlez. Have you saved your game lately?
33314 Watch out for star search spotlightz! If a star search spotlight passes over a Grunt, that Grunt will be forced to sing Karaoke. Once he shows that he cannot sing, a hole will open underneath him and take him out of the spotlight and out of the game.
33315 Patience is a virtue. It might be a good idea to wait for the large gap between the groups of 8-ballz before you move on!
33316 When you give pogo stickz to an enemy Grunt, he will bounce around the map randomly until the pogo stick breaks.
33317 Welder's kitz shoot fireballz and are the most powerful long-range toolz in the game. In fact, a single fireball will kill most Gruntz! To use welder's kitz, either right-click on an enemy Grunt, or use the action optionz to select the welder's icon and then left-click to fire it.
33318 The spinning crest on the other side of the steps is an invulnerability powerup. Walking into a hole or being run over by a rolling ball will kill a Grunt with invulnerability, but an invulnerable Grunt cannot be damaged by enemy Gruntz or by explosions.
33319 An orange scroll will cast a resurrection spell. Resurrection spellz will turn all goo puddlez nearby into Gruntz! Resurrected Gruntz come back to life with only a little bit of health.
33320 Ever heard of safe spotz? Safe spotz are spaces that Gruntz can stand forever and nothing will hurt them. Always look to see if there are any safe spotz in the middle of difficult puzzlez such as this one. If you find any safe spotz, get your Gruntz to them.
33321 This level is a bit different from the previous levelz. Your first goal is to get the gauntletz and get into the teleporter. In order to do this, you will need to release the giant 8-ball to the left. Watch the 8-ball closely as you progress. . .if it breaks, you lose.
33322 Nice job! Ya know, it's times like these when it's a really good idea to save your game.
33323 There are 6 once-only switchez scattered around the level that you will need to press in order to move on. So what are you waiting for? Go and find them all!
33324 If you look ahead, you will see a dark red time bomber Grunt. Timebomberz always have timebombz and will use them to attack your Gruntz and to blow things up in order to get to your Gruntz.
33325 Conserve those wingz! When you need to fly somewhere, always try to take the route that minimizes the time you are in the air. Remember, when you're on the ground, you are not wasting valuable flying time!
33326 Watch out for green kitchen slimez. Any Grunt that touches a kitchen slime will be instantly melted into a puddle of goo.
33327 You've only got one toy so it's probably a good idea to lure that swordz Grunt as far away from the orange switchez as possible before you give it to him. Unless of course, you want to fight him after the toy wears off. . .which is probably not a good idea.
33328 The best way to fight against multiple enemy Gruntz is to fight them one at a time. Don't get too close, or they both will see you! When the first enemy comes down, give him the old shovelz, gauntletz, brick-layer toolz combo!
33329 If you double-click on one of your Gruntz, a small side tab will appear on the side of status bar. Each side tab represents one of your Gruntz. You can find a Grunt anywhere on the map by left-clicking on this side tab. You can right-click on a side tab to remove it. Try it out!
33330 Timebombz can be used to attack enemy Gruntz or to blow stuff up! To use a timebomb, either right-click on an enemy Grunt, or use the action optionz to select the timebombz icon and then left-click wherever you want to place it. Don't forget to move away from the explosion.
33331 If you want to break something and you don't have any gauntletz or bombz, you can sometimes get a bomber Grunt to blow it up for you! Just position yourself between the bomber Grunt and the object that you want to break and then let the bomber see you! Don't forget to move though!
33332 Ever heard of the old hit-and-run technique? It's where you tell your Grunt to attack an enemy Grunt, and then tell him to run away after he hits the enemy. The hit-and-run technique works especially well if the enemy won't chase after your Gruntz!
33333 Don't walk into the blue teleporter unless you have already baked two Gruntz in the ovenz!
33334 Watch out for thunder cloud shadows! If a thunder cloud floats over one of your Gruntz, a bolt of lightning will electrocute him to death!
33335 Gravity bootz have two uses. First, a Grunt with gravity bootz can walk on spikez for as long as you want without taking any damage at all. Second, a Grunt with gravity bootz will not get knocked around when he gets hit by any of the toolz that have a knock effect like boxing glovez.
33336 You're probably wondering how your single Grunt is supposed to take on 4 swordz Gruntz all by himself aren't you? Try using the arrowz!
33337 Don't press that yellow switch until you're ready! You'll need a hole in one to continue.
33338 It's always a good idea to save your game before you step on a secret switch. That way, you can try the secret section as many times as you want!
33339 You start out with two Gruntz in different locations on this level. You will have to use them both in order to finish the level. Good luck!
33340 A spinning pill is a roidz powerup. A Grunt with roidz will never lose stamina from using a tool. This means that a Grunt with roidz can attack or use a tool over and over without waiting.
33341 Magic wandz are toolz that are used by Gruntz to cast spellz, and cannot be used to attack enemy Gruntz. A red wand will cast a rolling ballz spell. Use wandz sparingly because each time a Grunt uses a wand to cast a spell, he will lose a quarter of a full bar of health!
33342 A green scroll will cast a health spell. Health spellz will give all Gruntz nearby full health except for the Grunt who cast the spell! Be sure to get as close as possible to your other Gruntz to make sure that they are all within the range of the spell!
33343 Did you know That you can knock your own Gruntz around with sponge gunz? Just have a sponge gunz Grunt fire to a location, and then have another Grunt walk there before the ball hits. Hint - if a Grunt gets hit by a sponge gun ball when he is on an arrow, he will still be knocked back!
33352 Watch out for white toyer Gruntz! If you left-click on a toyer Grunt, you can see what toy he is carrying. If a toyer Grunt gets next to one of your Gruntz, he will use his toy on your Grunt. You should avoid toyer Gruntz at all costs!
33353 Don't ever let a tool thief get next to your Gruntz! If you want to give a toy to a tool thief, lay it down on the ground in a toy box and try to lure the tool thief over it!
33355 Did you know that you can always tell the behavior of an enemy Grunt by his color? Light green Gruntz are chaserz, dark purple Gruntz will only chase for a short distance, and dark green Gruntz will only chase and attack Gruntz that have a weaker tool than they do.
33356 Each set of brickz in the game are randomly colored. You can always see your own brickz, but you will need a Grunt with spy gear to be able to see the enemy's brickz. To use spy gear, move the mouse over a brick and left-click on it.
33357 Brickz can be broken with gauntletz, bombz and timebombz. Brown brickz are normal brickz, gold brickz cannot be broken with gauntletz, red brickz will destroy gauntletz, and blue brickz will teleport all nearby Gruntz to a random location.