Cursor Menu

Example: map is 32 Tilez in width and 24 Tilez in height, cursor currently at X=10, Y=10; result is shown as X=X, Y=Y.

Cursor Movement Key combination Result Description
Move Left Left Arrow 9 10 Move cursor one Tile to the left
Move Right Right Arrow 11 10 Move cursor one Tile to the right
Move Up Up Arrow 10 9 Move cursor one Tile toward the top
Move Down Down Arrow 10 11 Move cursor one Tile toward the bottom
Note: The Arrow keys will move one Tile if tapped, or move continuously if held down.

Upper Left Corner Ctrl+Home 0 0 Move cursor to X=0, Y=0
Upper Right Corner Ctrl+Page Up 31 0 Move cursor (up) to X=(width-1), Y=0
Lower Right Corner Ctrl+Page Down 31 23 Move cursor (down) to X=(width-1), Y=(height-1)
Lower Left Corner Ctrl+End 0 23 Move cursor (down) to X=0, Y=(height-1)

Row Start Shift+Home 0 10 Move cursor to X=0, Y=(current)
Row End Shift+End 31 10 Move cursor to X=(width-1), Y=(current)
Column Start Shift+Page Up 10 0 Move cursor to X=current), Y=0
Column End Shift+Page Down 10 23 Move cursor to X=current), Y=(height-1)

AutoMove (un)checkmark This feature ((un)checkmarked) specifies whether or not you would like the next tile (to the right) to be highlighted when placing a tile. For example, when you use the spacebar to place a tile, after the new tile is placed the tile to the right will then be highlighted. This allows the user to hold the spacebar down and replace multiple tiles with the one currently selected in the "Tile Selection Window."