Crumbling Bridgez

The non-water areaz upon which the designer can put Bridgez:

Rocky Roadz: Polluted Pool
Gruntziclez: Polluted Pool
Trouble in the Tropicz: Lava Bed
High On Sweetz: Space (no visible meanz of support)
High Rollerz: Space (no visible meanz of support)
Honey, I Shrunk the Gruntz: Hot Griddle (Stove top)
The Miniature Masterz: Quicksand
Gruntz In Space: Space (what else?).
Gruntz will happily walk into the above areaz whether there is a Bridge (or other safe Tilez) there at all.
So rambling Crumbling Bridgez are great in these areaz.
Zig-zag as much as you want here Ö the solver will have to pick and choose practically every step of the way!

An effective puzzle can be designed for these areaz without including a single Toggling or Automatic Bridge Tile in the entire thing.
Anything you can create in a Water multiple Crumbling Bridge puzzle, you can do in these as well, so letíz see more of Tilez 99 through 140!

First, you must determine what your first destination will be ... you already know your starting point.
Sometimez the answer to that question has been made obvious by the Level designer ... it is the only place you can reach that is not blocked by something.
Usually, the destination is a Black One-Time Switch (BOTS).
The other possible destinationz are blocked by raised Black Pyramidz (BP).

SAVE before you begin trying to solve the Crumbling Bridgez maze!

Confirm your first destination by taking any path that will lead you to it.
Press the BOTS , and see which BP is affected by it.
If you can reach the next destination, take any possible path to it, and repeat the process until you fail.
You didn't fail? Lucky (or clever) you!

What I do next is to lay out a grid (on paper), marking the locationz of significant Tilez (example: "Gruntz in Space"), such as: I number sequentially the destinationz I have been able to determine via the method in the previous paragraph; BOTS1, BOTS2, etc.

The CBTz I start labelling from the point where there are at least two choicez of which way to go, from the direction the Grunt beginz to make its crossingz; A, B, C ... X, Y, Z and if necessary continuing with a, b, c ... until all of the significant CBTz are so labelled.
As an American, I label from top to bottom, left to right. But use whatever scheme workz best for you. ;)

Next, I print a line containing all of the labelled CBTz from A to the last label used.

Then I starting printing Tile Labelz as 'triez', and make a mark under the line of all labels below the Tile as I 'step on it' in my mind. Starting point to destination #1; destination #1 to destination #2, etc., until I find myself in a position where I need a Tile I have already used.

I erase my markz, and start over, using a new line for my 'triez', trying something different from any previous attempt.
Eventually, I find the solution, and then draw lines through the Tilez identified by my successful line of Tile Labelz.
Sometimez the maze is so convoluted that I use different colored high-lighterz for Start-to-1, 1-to-2, etc.

I hope this helpz you in future solutionz to multiple Crumbling Bridgez mazez!