Cheat Codez

Object Cheat Code What it does

Bomb mpkamikaze Givez you the meanz to destroy Gold Brickz , and go where no one else can go.
Boomerang mpremotecontrol Stand five+ Tilez away, and damage enemy Gruntz.
Bricklayer mphomeimprovement Place Brickz on Foundation Tilez and pre-existing stackz of Brickz as obstaclez.
Club mpungabunga A "blunt object" to use on enemy Gruntz.
Gauntletz mpbrassknucklez Break many thingz , and damage enemy Gruntz.
(Boxing) Glovez mppunchout "Put the hurt" on enemy Gruntz, while encouraging them to move their feet a bit.
GooberStraw mprealmendontusestrawz Add to the Goo Well while cleaning up the area .
Gravity Bootz mphitopz Walk without pain on Spikez , resist being moved around ... and kick, a little.
Gun Hat mphardhatmack Givez you some real artillery, and protectz you from flying objectz.
Rock mprockon You're David ... the enemy Gruntz are Goliath and his four brotherz.
Shield mptrojan Laugh at Sponge attackz ... take half the damage from ground attackz.
Shovel mpfuninthebarn Fill in dangerous Holez , dig up Moundz for possible goodiez ... swat enemy Gruntz.
Sponge Gun mpfirepower Encourage enemy Gruntz to move a little; help teammatez go where they cannot go on their own.
Springz mpkinetic Leap over tall buildingz with a single bound ... no, that's another show. But leap over a Hole , or a Spikez Tile, or over a spot in a polluted area.
Spy Gear mpxfilez Is there anything in that object? Find out with this.
Sword mparrrrrrr Want to "slice and dice"? This is just what you want!
Time Bomb mpplastiquez Join the demolition team ... big time!
Toob mpquackage Conquer your fear of the water with this ... and check out the neat hood ornament!
(Magic) Wand mpcopperfield Wave it, and become spell-binding!
Welder's Kit mpvasflam Incendiary, dude!
Wingz mpfearofflying Bad thingz ahead? Go aloft, and avoid them ... for a while.

Baby Walker mpgerberz Get that enemy Grunt to move ... slowly, and randomly.
Beach Ball mptheball Need to keep an enemy Grunt occupied for a while ... right where he is? Use this!
Go-Kart mpmalibugrandpriz That enemy Grunt refusez to move? Let him play with this!
Jack-In-The-Box mpultimatecheeseburger Here! Play us a tune ... for about 27 secondz.
Jump Rope mpgetinshape Help that enemy Boxer get ready for his next bout.
Monster Wheel mpwheeliez Bet you can't ride in a straight line!
Pogo-Stick mpboingee Hop to it! (Preferably out of the way ... permanently.)
Scroll mpmagicpaper A little light reading for your Grunt ... resultz unpredictable.
Squeak Toy mpmousey What do you mean, I can't go there!?! Here, hold this, while I talk to your boss.
Yo-yo mplametoy Hold it! I just need eight secondz to run an errand.

Conversion mpbillgatez Givez you strange ideaz ... and makez you very persuasive.
Death Touch mpohmygodtheykilledkenny Vulcan nerve pinch? Old hat! This is much more lasting.
Invisibility mpcloakingdevice What lurkz in the heartz of men? The Shadow knowz. (Evil laugh.)
Invulnerability mphighlander Like Superman, without even a hint of Kryptonite anywhere!
ReactiveArmor mpplusfivemagicalplate "Tick tack! Don't take back!" Whatever you do comez right back to you.
Roidz mpcreatine Watch out, Mark McGuire. I'm going after your record!

Black Screen mplightzout Put on your night vision spectaclez for when you use this. Where'd everybody go?
Black Screen mplightzout Put on your night vision spectaclez for when you use this. Where'd everybody go?
Random Colorz mppicasso Everyone changez clothez, so you don't know who your friendz are. And you lose the knowledge you have gained about what a certain enemy Grunt is likely to do!
Screen Shake mpseizure It's an earthquake! Hold on to your hatz, everyone!

Freeze mpchillout It's a raid! Don't nobody move (except me, of course).
Health mptacobell They call me Doctor Feelgood ... 'cause you will!
Random Toyz mpfaoschwartz Everyone needz some play time ... here's yourz!
Resurrection mpback2life Lazarus! Come forth! (But all the nearby dead hear.)
Rolling Ballz mpindianajones Let there be light (er, huge ballz)!
Teleportation mpelephantpork Everyone get out of here ... this is my space!
Useful Miscellaneous

mpilovethisgame Add a Grunt anywhere you need one ... just press 'i' on the Tile.
mpihatethisgame Kill a Grunt somewhere when you need one elsewhere ... just press 'k' on the Grunt.
mptimer Disable the game level timer ... remove the panic factor.
Basically Useless Miscellaneous

mpriorio Jump to "Trouble In The Tropicz". You mean you couldn't finish "Gruntziclez"?
mplemonbuttercremez Jump to "High On Sweetz". Couldn't finish "Trouble In The Tropicz"?
mpyouresomoney Jump to "High Rollerz". Couldn't finish "High On Sweetz"?
mpmakemesomepie Jump to "Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz". Couldn't finish "High Rollerz"?
mpgolfandgamez Jump to "Miniature Masterz". Couldn't finish "Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz"?
mpusetheforce Jump to "Gruntz In Space". Couldn't finish "Miniature Masterz"?
mpstepitup Move up to the next Stage.
mpstepitdown Move back to the previous Stage.
mpletsblowstuffup Enable explosionz. (Anybody ever use this one?)
mpbombage Blowz up all Gruntz. (Or this one?)
mplambert Blowz up all Gruntz ... 5 second delay. (Or this one?)
mptraitor Turn your own Grunt into an enemy. (Or this one?)
mpmonolith Fillz your screen with Monolith Productions, Inc. logoz.
mpcheatcheatcheat Givez you a bit of philosophy.
Battlez (only?) Miscellaneous

mpblackbrick Givez you an explosive Brick immediately..
mpgoldbrick Givez you an indestructable Brick immediately..
mpredbrick Givez you a Gauntletz-breaker Brick immediately..
mpbluebrick Givez you a teleporter Brick immediately..
Use of any Cheat Code will remove your ability to SAVE your game.

In order to restore your ability to SAVE a game, you have to completely exit Gruntz, and re-load it.