Important! This logic ALWAYS needs to be placed on ANY Brick tile.
If you try to break a brick that does not have the "Brickz" object, the game will exit!
The other purpose of the "Brickz" object is to specify what players (Battlez)
will be able to see the true color of brickz (use the Move Rects fields to specify this).
'Brown' Brickz
'Red' Brickz
'Blue' Brickz
'Gold' Brickz
'Black' Brickz
Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: Brickz
Object Rectangles Dialog Box
Move Rect: Description (default)

Description (other choice)
Left 0 - Player 1 cannot see the colored brick. Note: In Questz, the player is treated as player 1.
Therefore using the "Move Rect: Left" field will specify whether the player sees a colored brick.

1 - Player 1 can see true color.
Top 0 - Player 2 cannot see the colored brick.

1 - Player 2 can see true color.
Right 0 - Player 3 cannot see the colored brick.

1 - Player 3 can see true color.
Bottom 0 - Player 4 cannot see the colored brick.

1 - Player 4 can see true color.

Note: When a Bricklayer addz a Brick to a stack , (other) playerz can no longer see the color of the Brickz in the stack , even if the Move Rect: logic value is '1'!

Object Flags Dialog Box
No Draw Checked